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Jennette McCurdy talks about Andre Drummond breakup on podcast with Pete Holmes

Sparknotes (they talk about this basically the whole show, but the host is really annoying and interrupts each sentence with long ass tangents):

*They only dated for two weeks.
*She didn't like him that much from the beginning, but only took the bait of his repeated "woman crush Wednesday" posts on Instagram because she was in Vegas and in a good mood.
*She knew their chemistry was not real from their first text conversation, but just decided to go with it for fun.
*All her friends thought it was weird that she would date him because he was not her type at all.
*Making out with him was really weird for her.
*She was dying to break up with him after their first date but felt bad because he'd flown over to LA just to see her.
*At one point, he told her he was going out to a store to buy something, then returned with a really fancy piece of jewelry, got down on his knees and asked her to be his girlfriend. She wanted to turn him down but said yes because she felt bad/awkward.
*She broke up with him after her mother died because she decided she just needed to be dealing with her family issues.

Tags: actor / actress, breakup, icarly / miranda cosgrove, jennette mccurdy, nickelodeon, sports / athletes - basketball

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