ONTD Boyfriend Post: Thirsty Thursday Edition

Chris Pine puts on a tank top over his fit shirtless torso while on the set of his latest movie Z For Zachariah on Tuesday (February 25) in New Zealand. The 33-year-old actor shared a laugh with a worker on the set, showing off his gorgeous smile.

It is no secret that women find Tom Hiddleston attractive. The Disney prince has a loyal following of Loki-loving fangirls worshiping his every move. So it should not surprise anyone to learn that the Thor: The Dark World star has been propositioned by a few of his female followers. In a recent interview, Hiddleston opened up about love struck fans sending him pictures of themselves dancing on a stripper pole.

Hiddleson recently opened up to UK Huffington Post about how his role in Thor changed his life:

“I auditioned for everything under the sun: television series, films that you’ve seen, films that have been huge hits – and films that haven’t. Thor was one of them and it was a potential opportunity for me because I had a connection to Kenneth Branagh; I’d worked with him in the theatre. I thought, ‘At least there’s someone in this world of Hollywood who I don’t have to prove something to because he knows I can act.’ It was just a matter of trying to prove it to the studio, so I had to audition.”

However, with fame comes fanatics. Hiddleston also spoke about some of the more bizarre interactions that he has had with fans.

“I’ve had some very strange fan mail over the years. There’s a moment in the first Thor movie where Thor and Loki are engaged in a fight. I have a spear in my hand and I make a huge leap to spear Chris--but he dodges out of the way. The spear is embedded into the ground, so I use the spear as a lever to spin myself around and kick him in the chest. Well, some fans have interpreted this as emblematic of my hidden talent at pole dancing. I’ve received a surprising number of depictions of myself in a pair of tight briefs and a horny helmet dancing on a pole. That is pretty weird and hilarious.”

Jake Gyllenhaal shows off his rugged good looks on the latest issue of Man of the World magazine.

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