Supernatural spin off TRIBES cast first female regular + another TVD alum

Supernatural: Tribes, the potential spin-off of the hit CW drama, is starting to look more like a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. Two more cast members for the backdoor pilot have been announced, including yet another former guest star of the CW's Vampire Diaries, bringing the total of TVD alums to three out of five.

Stephen Martines, who played tomb vampire Frederick back in season 1 of The Vampire Diaries, has joined Supernatural: Tribes as Detective Freddie Costa, a mentor for the main character who is secretly working for the monster families of Chicago.

In addition, Danielle Savre has landed the role of Margo, the leader of the shapeshifters, a corporate titan who used to be a punk rock chick. Savre may be best known as Jackie, Claire's cheerleader co-captain on NBC's Heroes in the first season who was murdered by Sylar.

Supernatural: Tribes centers on a young Chicago cop (played by Lucien Laviscount) who becomes a Hunter after his fiancée is killed. He then looks to take down the various powerful families of monsters that secretly rule Chicago. Those families include werewolves (one of whom is played by Sean Faris) and the shapeshifters (with Margo's brother David, played by Nathaniel Buzolic).

Both Faris and Buzolic, like Martines, have had recurring roles on The Vampire Diaries, with Faris as vampire bartender Ben in season 1 and Buzolic as Original vampire Kol.

Supernatural: Tribes will be introduced in the 20th episode of Supernatural's current season, airing April 29. The episode will find Sam and Dean coming to Chicago and teaching Ennis about monsters and Hunters.

The more Supernatural: Tribes develops, the more it seems like less of a Supernatural spin-off and more of a CW drama in the style of The Vampire Diaries. While Supernatural has relied on two stars for the entire series with a mobile structure, Tribes will be stationary and feature more of an ensemble. The question is whether Supernatural fans will embrace the new show, and whether other CW viewers will take a chance on it.