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Carol Alt Doesn't Understand the 'Hullabaloo' Over Kate Upton


Carol Alt was not impressed by Kate Upton’s recent Sports Illustrated cover. The elder model told Huffington Post Live that she didn’t understand the hype surrounding the 21-year-old.

“What I don't understand with Kate [Upton] is what's all the hullaballoo," Alt, 53, said of the 21-year-old beauty. "There are many covers of Sports Illustrated — one girl was just wearing a bottom, no top. I don't get what all the hullabaloo is. I think what it is is that in this moment there's just so much social media, and that's why she's had more word of mouth than anybody."

Kate Upton graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue each of the last two years. She also appeared on the inside flap of the 2014 edition, as Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen shared the cover. But Carol Alt feels that Kate Upton’s photos should not receive all the attention.

"I like Kate, she's a pretty girl," Alt continued. "But all the girls are nice, and all the girls are pretty. Every cover, to me, deserves to be talked about."

This is not the first time Carol Alt has dissed Kate Upton. Alt, herself a former SI Swimsuit cover model, told Galore in December that Upton was a “large size model.”

“I think Kate [Upton] is a product of great media hype,” Carol Alt said. “Without Sports Illustrated, I’m not sure she would’ve made it in the industry as a high-fashion model. Because she is more of a large size model. And even if I’ve seen her in person, and I don’t think she’s in any way fat or overweight or anything; she’s just more large-sized than fashion models are. .... Once she got the cover, she was already in a position to move forward. Of course, the cover was just a fluke because nobody knows who gets the cover. But she looks at herself as a business, and I admire that.”

And Carol Alt is not the only person who rejected Kate Upton’s looks. Sophia Neophitou, the creative director for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, told New York Times in 2012 that she would “never use” Upton because the choice would be “too obvious.”

“She’s like a Page 3 girl,” Neophitou said. “She’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.”

Kate Upton later addressed Neophitou's comments in a January interview with V magazine.

"I had just gotten my cover of Sports Illustrated that day," she said. "I wasn't used to that kind of media swirl. I had never met her, so it really came out of nowhere. It was my introduction to being in the spotlight and having people you've never met have an opinion of you."


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