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Pretty Little Liars 4x22 Promo “Cover for Me” + Recap of tonight's episode “Off Their Rockers”

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Off Their Rockers

Now that Spencer has (allegedly) kicked her pill habit, this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars found her passing the burden of insanity to Aria — and she handled those responsibilities like a pro.

Attempting to confront Ezra in the hall at Rosewood High was one thing, but breaking into his apartment and trashing everything in sight? That was pure genius.

The irony, of course, is that this episode was directed by Aria’s on-screen dad, Chad Lowe, so Byron was not only watching his daughter go bananas, but actually encouraging her to do so. (The next time you ask yourself, “Where’s Aria’s dad in all of this?” there’s your answer.)

TROUBLE IN PAILY-DISE? | As you first saw in TVLine’s exclusive preview clip, Paige’s suspicion of her girlfriend is at an all-time high, and she finally reached her breaking point this week. After a heated confrontation, and a bizarre accusation about Emily’s grandmother being a stripper, Em finally dropped the “Alison is alive” bomb on Paige. Boom! Naturally, Paige tried to apply logic to the situation (i.e. ‘Alison is a lunatic’ and ‘This really isn’t your problem’) but Emily was hearing none of it. Then came the true betrayal: After another major fight with Emily, Paige wrote a letter to A.D. Incorporated, revealing that Ali is still alive. Is there no going back from this?

HANNA’S BAD TOUCH | Is it just me, or ever since Caleb moved to Ravenswood, has Hanna’s life been a series of terrible decisions? Case in point: After convincing Detective Holbrook to speak up for Travis at his sentencing this week, she thanked him… with a kiss. Look, I get that Gabe is a babe (those two words even rhyme), but has this girl never heard of a handshake? Or a thank-you card? Or nothing at all?

OFF THE WAGON | Oh, remember when I said Spencer was done with those pills? I lied, or rather, shelied. During a moment of weakness, Spence downed a handful of the good stuff, and her timing couldn’t have been worse. She discovered the card of the private investigator her dad had hired to follow Melissa, only there was a note that suggested he’d actually been hired to follow Spencer. (Wait, Spencer’s dad lied? Color me shocked.) Her next brilliant decision was physically confronting Ali’s mom, asking if she saw Spencer with a shovel the night Ali disappeared. It ended… not well.

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