'Got Milk?' campaign gets the boot

The industry is moving on from the iconic slogan after 20 years, switching to the tagline 'Milk Life' instead.

"Got Milk?" is out.

Milk's iconic slogan is becoming a thing of the past as the Milk Processor Education Program is moving on to something new.

The milk industry is switching to a new campaign that will feature the tagline "Milk Life."

Milk Life will highlight the benefits of drinking milk and will focus on how much protein is in the dairy beverage. The Milk Processor Education Program plans to spend $50 million to promote the campaign, which will include TV, print and digital ads that will feature milk powering people through physical activities like break dancing, reports Ad Age.

The "Got Milk?" campaign first started in 1993 and was licensed by the California Milk Processor board. In 1995, the national milk industry also adopted "Got Milk?", Ad Age notes.

A large part of the "Got Milk?" campaign was showing celebrities with milk mustaches. Those that have donned the white 'stache over the years include Whoopi Goldberg, Larry King and Kermit the Frog.

"Got Milk?" has become the most recognizable tagline in the history of beverages and is considered more a part of culture than an advertising campaign.