British Pop Sensation Little Mix Speak to Fashion Houston About Texas, Fashion and Music

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During their recent visit to Houston as part of their American tour alongside Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony in support of their sophomore album, Salute; the girls from Little Mix took some time from their hectic schedule for an exclusive interview with Fashion Houston, discussing their first impressions of Texas, their new album, and of course—fashion. In case you’re not already familiar with the group, they were formed in 2011 after winning the British version of The X Factor competition. Their debut album, DNA, entered the U.S. Billboard 200 chart at number four last year—becoming the highest debut ever for a British female group’s first album.

When Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock entered the room, they appeared quite relaxed yet sophisticated all the same; which is a strong contrast from their energetic routines on stage. They each have very distinct styles, which makes them intriguing to the eyes. Immediately, they asked about my shoes and it became obvious that these girls speak fashion.

Hey, how you doin’?

Leigh-Anne: (Singing) Sorry you can’t get through. (Laughs)

Jade: I see what you did there!

Are you enjoying Texas? Have you met any cowboys?

Jade: Not yet, but we have one day off and we’re going to try to do as many Texas-y things as possible.

Leigh-Anne: We’re going to go to a barbecue tonight. We heard you guys are really good with your barbecue.

Jesy: What’s a good place to go? Do you know?

Actually, my house. (Laughs) But we can make those plans later. Let’s talk about what it’s like to be on tour in America.

Jade: We’re having the time of our lives. It’s gone so much better than we thought. We knew we had fans, but we weren’t sure how many. Every single night, the audience sings our songs. The arenas are always full. It’s amazing that people are turning up just to watch us.

You are touring with Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony. How are you girls getting along?

All: They are so lovely.

Jesy: They’re really nice girls, aren’t they? They’re really sweet. But here’s the thing, we really never get to see each other. We go on at different times. We only see them when we’re going home.

So no catfights?

Perrie: (Emphatically) Nooo!

Leigh-Anne: Sorry to disappoint you all, but no. (Laughs)

Speaking of getting along, I heard that the Spice Girls are really supportive of you. What is that like?

Jesy: Yeah, we love them.

Perrie: We grew up with them all over our walls. We had their bedding—everything. To meet them, and for they to be so proud of what we are doing… They are all so lovely. We haven’t met Posh yet.

Jesy: We’ve spoken to a few of them a couple of times. We saw Mel C the other day. She asked us to have lunch with her and Emma Bunton.

Perrie: We’ve had drinks with Emma. We were like, “Oh my god! This is crazy!” (Excited) When I met Geri Halliwell, I nearly cried. She told me, “I love what you girls have done. Keep doing what you’re doing.” And they don’t have to be like that, to be so supportive. So it’s really nice.

Demi Lovato said that she wants to cover a Spice Girls song and Fifth Harmony has already performed ‘Wannabe’. Does Little Mix have any plans to do the same?

Jesy: We were meant to do one on The X Factor, actually.

Leigh-Anne: We did rehearse “Viva Forever”, it’s such a beautiful song. But then we ended up doing a different song. But it would be amazing to do a Spice Girls song.

How does it feel to have two Top 10 albums in the U.S.?

Leigh-Anne: It’s an amazing achievement that we broke a record. Hopefully, with the next album, we might get a number one?

Jade: (Looks at the other girls) If we work hard enough for it. (Laughs)

What is your favorite song from your new album Salute and why?

All: Oooh… (Thinking)

Jade: I think as a whole, we love to listen to the album. But I think our favorites change every day, depending on what mood we’re in. Like at the minute, I’m obsessed with “Mr. Loverboy” and I really like “A Different Beat”.

Leigh-Anne: I think when you listen to the album, you always go to one or two songs that you really like. But I’m just going to say the whole album.

Jesy: We love them all!

Jade: I was actually singing “Good Enough” this morning when I was eating food and then I look in the mirror and then I realized the whole time I was so into it. Do you know how you feel? When you really feel the song?

(All laugh)

Moving on to fashion. Do you consider yourselves fashionistas?

Jesy: I don’t.

Leigh-Anne: (Surprised) Really?

Jesy: I like what we’re wearing, but I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista.

Leigh-Anne: We are all about fashion, though.

Jesy: (Defensively) But I don’t follow fashion.

Leigh-Anne: (Insistent) No, as in like, we love to experiment with clothes and we love shopping. We love fashion.

Perrie: We love all fashion. We just think that fashion is fun. Fashion is something that should be experimented with. It’s about embracing your personality and your confidence. I think it’s meant to be played with and messed around with.

Leigh-Anne: We do believe you should wear what you want and be comfortable. Don’t be ashamed to wear what you want and be an individual.

Do you have any fashion faux-pas you’d like to erase from Little Mix history?

Jesy: Erasing the whole series of The X Factor would be nice. (Laughs)

Jade: I think it happens to everyone. You always look at what you wore and you’re like: “Oh, god!” But then at the time, you liked it. So if you liked it then, then who cares?

Leigh-Anne: I actually think that we didn’t have much of a problem, but things evolve and we change.

Jesy: And The X Factor? The X Factor definitely did!

(The girls look at each other and laugh.)

From your career thus far, what is your favorite fashion moment?

Jade: I think the Cosmopolitan awards would have to be it for us. We won an award from Cosmopolitan in the U.K. for Best British Export. And it was such a big deal for us! That was a really good night, I think.

Leigh-Anne: I think the second time we went to the Brits was good.

Perrie: I think just ever since we found Alexis our stylist. She’s great.

What do you think about Crocs?

All: (Moan) Ohh…

Jade: For children, but definitely not for adults.

Jesy: I would not be with my child in them, either.

If you see a guy wearing Crocs, what do you think?

Jade: Absolutely not…

Jesy: Oh my god! No, sorry.

Leigh-Anne: Definitely no.

Jesy: That’s the one thing Leigh-Anne and I have very similar. We don’t have the same taste, but shoes are a big deal in the men’s department. If you’ve got bad trainers, then you need to get out of here.

Perrie: See, that’s where I’m totally different. I like good and messy. Like fun Vans and dirty boots.

(Jade and Jesy whisper while Perrie explains the kind of boys she likes. Leigh-Anne seems to understand what they’re saying and they all laugh.)

Perrie: What are you saying? Stop. (Laughs) Not Crocs.

I see some of you are wearing heels today, but you usually like to wear flats, is that right?

Perrie: I like sandals.

Leigh-Anne: I think flats on stage—we have to wear flats on stage because we would not be able to dance in heels. No way! But we like to change our outfits with flats, heels, trainers, everything.

What are your favorite designers?

Perrie: I like Louis Vuitton drama fashion. I love flats. (Smiles) I like Prada handbags.

Jesy: Alexander McQueen.

Jade: I like this new designer called David Longshaw. He’s from the U.K. and he’s very good. And I like Vivienne Westwood. I like her suits and I love her shoes as well.

Leigh-Anne: I like AQ/AQ as well. Their dresses are amazing.

What do you think about Victoria Beckham’s fashion line?

Jade: I’d love to wear her clothes because the silhouette is amazing—how fitted it is. I think it’s very sophisticated and classy.

Leigh-Anne: And her car as well. The Range Rover Evoque. I WANT one of them! (Excited) Oh my gosh, they are amazing.

What’s next for Little Mix? A movie?

Jesy: Oh, I love movies so much, but you know…

Leigh-Anne: Please don’t say that to us. Don’t tease us! I think it would be amazing. (Excited) Have you seen our YouTube videos? You should see our silly videos, like we do accents and we do Vines. They’re just so stupid and silly and funny. (Laughs) We deserve a film! We need a FILM!

And with this conclusion, I wished the girls the best of luck as they headed to greet a crowd of hundreds of fans at the Pearland Town Center, eagerly waiting to have their albums signed by their idols.