(Five of) 11 Reasons 'True Detective' Will Fill Your 'Breaking Bad' Void

When TV viewers caught their final glimpse of Walter White during the series finale of "Breaking Bad" this past September, there was a collective national mourning for Vince Gilligan’s masterful AMC drama and its damaged anti-hero. But fear not heartbroken Heisenberg enthusiasts, because HBO’s riveting existential cop drama “True Detective” has all the necessary elements to get your quintessential “Breaking Bad” masterful TV drama high. Here are 11 reasons why True Detective will fill your Breaking Bad void.

1. Complicated relationship between series protagonists

One of the delights of “Breaking Bad” was watching the development of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s relationship over the course of five seasons. At their best, Walter was a surrogate father and concerned teacher to Jesse. But the duo often voyaged into treacherous murder territory, often holding a gun to the other’s head over their respective guilt and betrayal. With Detectives Cohle and Hart, we see the same levels of White-Pinkman complexity with every interaction and non-interaction. At times, they’re close confidantes, the only person truly able to understand the other. But only until tensions boil and tempers flare do the detectives lash out at each other.

2. Complex characters

“Breaking Bad” thoroughly explored the deep complexities of each of its characters, elaborately detailing their motivations, flaws, hopes, and regrets over the course of the series. “True Detective” breaks the Louisiana natives down to their bare bones, while still shrouding them in a sense mystery and intrigue on them to make us the audience completely captivated.

3. Beautiful Cinematography

Whether it was a close-up of a shattered yellow plate or a sweeping view of the majestic New Mexico desert, Breaking Bad was incredibly enticing to our eyes. “True Detective” is as delicate with its vision as “Breaking Bad” was, making every subject on screen pop fill full clarity, painting a hauntingly beautiful portrait of the marshland and its reckless inhabitants.

4. Morality Play

Walter White’s descent from a good man doing slight bad to evil man holding onto some semblance of good is still fiercely studied and debated by fans. And the brooding sense of hopelessness and nihilism present in “True Detective” serves as a good fit for amateur Heisenberg psychologists.

5. Smart writing

Die hard fans of “Breaking Bad” know that the writing, plot pacing and symbolism are in full force each episode. Just when you think you’ve got their schemes all figured out, the storyline diverts down a whole new tangent, one that you never saw coming but made so much sense when it finally arrived. “True Detective” is similar, with constant symbolism and carefully worded dialogue leading to an utterly delightful storytelling adventure.

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