ANTM Cycle 21 Contestants (Spoiler alert: one is a violent homophobe)

The CW has revealed the 14 competitors who will stomp the runway in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21, which will once again feature male and female contestants.

Among the contenders is Canadian model Chantelle Young, who suffers from vitiligo, a condition that causes patchy de-pigmentation of the skin. Will Jardell and Romeo Tostado, both 23, are representing the gays. (There may be others.) How devoted Christian Denzel Wells will react to these ‘mo models will surely be fodder for an episode or two when the show returns this summer.

One model we’re not loving is 26-year-old Texan Adam Smith: In 2010 Smith, then a frat boy, put a a gay Emory student in a headlock, dragged him out of a party and called him a “faggot.”

As we reported earlier, runway coach J Alexander is returning to the fold: “His name says it all. I’ve missed ‘Miss J.’ and am elated he’s back,” said host/producer Tyra Banks. “I know Top Model fans will rejoice!” Also joining the cast is photographer Yu Tsai, who replaces Johnny Wujek. Social-media maven BryanBoy is also dunzo.



Public voting for the new season is open and being posted on the shows facebook page.