Cordelia Foxx (vehiclesshockme) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Cordelia Foxx

ONTD Favorite, ForeverKailyn, deletes social media accounts after rape accusations

YouTube "beauty guru" ForeverKailyn has once again deleted all of her social media accounts, this time after rape allegations against her and her part-time husband Matt have surfaced. During a chat conversation where a fan asked Kailyn why she no longer posted any pictures or videos with her friend Ariel. Kailyn opened up and said that the two are no longer friends after one night Ariel "went crazy" and said that both Kailyn and part-time husband Matt got her drunk and raped her.

It didn't take long before the claims blew up on the internet and Kailyn began responding often contradicting herself sometimes saying Ariel made the call, other times saying that Ariel's family did, sometimes nothing happened and other times both her and Matt were questioned by police and released.

Police reports show that that Bowie, MD Police Department were notified of a "rape by force" on Kailyn's block the night that this allegedly occurred.

More from Kailyn behind the cutCollapse )

Source 1 and 2
Such a mess.
Tags: celebrity social media, internet celebrities, scandal
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