Niall Horan reveals he is looking for love – but wants a girl who will love him for ‘being normal’

Niall Horan is single and looking for love – but only with girls who want to be with him and are not simply attracted to his celebrity status. The 20-year-old Irishman says he is looking to weed out prospective ladies who are seeking fame as opposed to getting to know him. ‘You have to find the one who likes you for being normal, not just for being in One Direction,’ the Little Things crooner said. ‘I’m still waiting for her to come around. I am the same as anyone. I’m just waiting for the right person to stand in front of me.’

The blond singer was recently linked to lingerie model Barbara Palvin but they split up earlier this month after relations fizzled out. But Horan now insists he has no hang ups about being single. ‘Being single doesn’t mean that you’re weak. It means you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve,’ he said. And while he wants a woman who can make him feel good – he doesn’t rule out dating a Directioner either. "If she’s a fan of the band then that’s a bonus,’ he told Teen Now.

Would YOU date Niall if he were 'normal', ONTD?