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Botox, psychic readings and accusations of torrid affairs: Real Housewives Of Melbourne

The highly anticipated debut of Real Housewives Of Melbourne hit screens on Sunday - with Botox, bitchiness and brash displays of wealth evident from the outset.

After a string of series in New York, Beverly Hills, Miami and more, Foxtel bosses picked six affluent women from the city’s Eastern suburbs to star in the local version of the franchise.

The line-up includes plastic surgeon’s wife Andrea Moss, successful businesswoman Chyka Keebaugh, barrister Gina Liano, psychic Jackie Gillies, newly single property developer Janet Roach, and spoilt housewife Lydia Schiavello.

And it didn’t take long for the cast to sharpen their claws, with Jackie and Gina clashing over dinner.

Jackie is new to the Melbourne social scene after moving from NSW with her husband, Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies, and seemed to instantly get off on the wrong foot Gina.

The 33-year-old seemed to object to Gina’s suggestion that Ben wasn’t particularly wealthy.

The conversation began when Lydia asked the group if they signed a pre-nup before getting married, noting that she did not.

Jackie chimed: ‘Absolutely not. My husband never made me sign a pre-nup.’

Gina, 47, weighed in, noting it depended on what ‘assets’ are at stake.

Jackie was outraged by the implication that Ben, whom she insisted was regularly mistaken for ‘Johnny f*cking Depp’, wasn’t rich enough to demand one.

She shot back: ‘Hang on a minute, my husband's very wealthy but what I’m saying is he never asked me to sign a pre-nup, ever.'

She added in her on-camera interview: ‘My husband loves me, I love him, and he knows the kind of person I am. I’m not a gold digger.’

But things seemed to take an even more uncomfortable turn when Jackie did an impromptu psychic reading on South Yarra-based Gina.

Gina, who’s partner has been based in the U.S. for six months, repeatedly asked Jackie what the future hand in store for their relationship.

Jackie eventually said: ‘You’re going to dump his ass. Very shortly. I give it four months. You’re just over it and you don’t believe what he says.’

Gina probed: ‘Has my guy got another woman over there? Tell me.'

Jackie asked: ‘What do you think?’ - to which Gina replied, ‘Yes.’

The psychic concluded: ‘Well there you go.’

But in an on-camera interview, Gina later seemed furious at the idea, insisting: ‘I know my partner’s not having an affair. I’m a lawyer, I deal in fact.’

Jackie also caused a stir by suggesting her intuition was telling her 'someone' in the group was having an affair.

The showdown is set to continue on next week’s episode, which airs on Foxtel’s Arena on Sunday.

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I thought it was a good premiere, should be a good season.
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