Tax dispute forces delay on House Of Cards series three

House Of Cards fans who are already anticipating the third series of the show after binge-watching the second may have to wait a while longer, after a tax dispute caused production to grind to a halt.

The new series had been due to go before the cameras in Maryland this Spring, but has now been pushed back until June, due to the production’s tax break demands being more than local authorities can give.

According to reports the show received $11m (£6.6m) in credits for the first series and a whopping $15m (£9m) for the second.

However their plans to request the same amount for the third series have been scuppered due to a cap of $7.5m (£4.5m) being placed on tax credits in the state.

The dispute is unlikely to be resolved before June, with production staff reportedly looking for another potential state in which to film the third series if no agreement can be reached.

News of the delay comes just days after creator Beau Willimon revealed a behind-the-scenes picture showing the writers at work on new episodes.

Robin Wright, who stars in the series alongside Kevin Spacey, also said recently that they would be ‘shooting season three soon’.