Hey girl, fancy kissing Ryan Gosling?

New web app set to drive Gosling fans crazy.

Actor Ryan Gosling has a legion of dedicated fans the world over.

But while many would give any appendage for even the briefest of liplocks with the heartthrob, most of us have accepted that we’ll have to make do with the dream.

Until now.

Launched earlier this month, the website kissingryan.com gives Gosling fans the chance to smooch the star. Virtually, at least.

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Ryan Gosling puckers up for kissingryan.com

The simple app uses a conveniently-posed image of Gosling and a computer’s webcam to take a snap of ordinary folk snogging the actor. All you need to do is pucker up, and click.

Of course, we’re sure there are a myriad of imaginative other uses for the app. We just can’t quite bring ourselves to Google it.

Be honest ONTD you wanna get with this:
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