Matthew McConaughey Admits He Watches Each Episode of True Detective Multiple Times

True Detective fans, prepare to be jealous!

During an interview with Queen Latifah on The Queen Latifah Show airing Friday, Feb. 21, McConaughey admits he's just as much a fan of the series as viewers are. We've got an exclusive clip from his sitdown with Latifah, in which he talks about watching each episode multiple times and working with Harrelson, one of his closest friends...

"They sent me all eight episodes a couple of months ago and I started to watch them and I said, 'No, I want to do what everybody else does: I want to watch one a week and then sit on it a week," McConaughey explains of resisting the urge to binge-watch the entire season.

And Queen Latifah speaks for all of us at home when she says, "If we had all eight episodes there's no way we'd sit on them!"

McConaughey also admits to watching each episode of True Detective, one of HBO's highest-rated dramas in recent years, multiple times, saying, "I go back and watch it two, three times and I'm seeing something different every time and I made it!"

To hear McConaughey talk about how "tough" it was to go at it with Harrelson on-screen, watch our exclusive clip from his appearance on The Queen Latifah Show above!