New Music: Nelly Furtado - "Red Balloons"

Listen to this unreleased song by Nelly Furtado entitled "Red Balloons". The full audio was uploaded by a random YouTube user over the weekend. Where is this from? By the sound of it, it may be from the recording sessions of Nelly's never-completed and scrapped album "Lifestyle". This album was supposed to follow Nelly's first Spanish album "Mi Plan", with a rumored release date of late 2010, but it never got completed and released. At the time, Nelly preferred to go on tour to support "Mi Plan". Fans had to wait a couple more years for new Nelly Furtado, and that was 2012's "The Spirit Indestructible".

"Lifestyle" was supposed to be an album filled with organic music, to the detriment of Nelly's commercial sound. "Red Balloons" fits into this "organic" category. The song is very laidback. The verses are bit a weak, but the chorus is really nice (especially the last one!). The leaked version of "Red Balloons" is clearly unmastered. It had potential, but I could understand why Nelly opted to leave it in "the vault". Hopefully she can pull a successful comeback soon. Get back to her "urban" sound, a la "Loose" era.