Le1f Signed to XL // New Single & Hey EP

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Terrible Records, the label that Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor co-founded, is coming up in the world. As Billboard reports, it has a new joint venture going with XL Recordings, and now the label has signed its first rapper: The New York iconoclast Le1f, whose Fly Zone and Tree House tapes both earned the Mixtape Of The Week distinction last year. This is a very good call on the part of Terrible and XL, because that dude can rap, and because he’s got a theatrical flair that most rappers would be too scared to ever attempt. Le1f’s working on an album now, but before that, he’ll release the new EP Hey, which includes production from past Le1f collaborators Boody, Harry B, Owwwls, and Matrixxman. First single “Boom” is a sharp, streamlined take on Le1f’s clubby, snarling aesthetic, and you can hear it and check out the tracklist below.

01 “Hey”
02 “Sup”
03 “Boom”
04 “Wut”
05 “Buzz”

Hey is out 3/11 on Terrible/XL.

Jiggy, gully
Puff puff pass
Smoke real slow
Drive real fast
You know how we do
Make 'em all say "oooh la la"

Like boom
Atomic bomb, come thru
I'm the elephant in the room
Yea, you know how we do when we come through
Make 'em all say "ooh la la"

[Verse 1]
Welcome to Banjee Burger. I cannot take your order
New World Order
LGBT cuties all over the world are diamonds and pearls
Black sheep, black sheep, sexy ass fur
Skin color Pepsi. Dark clique; eski
Team Cocoa Butter, baby. I feel sexy
Batty man time now, batty man century
Educated black hotties make 'em all envy
A bad bitch stepped in... eyes dilate
You know, thirst is real. You should hydrate
Anyway, I could never act my age
Flexible like center stag. You don't even know my rage
We supa dupa fly with the Oompa Loompa kush
Sitting out on Koopa Troopa Beach giving looks
Born in 89, 94 and then 06
They want to get it how I live cuz now I'm that bitch
I'm slayin' all day in day out
Na mean? nam sayin'?
Like, find my horse, I'm feeling kinda headless
Don't ask me how i been cuz the answer is relentless
Innocent until proven filthy
I’m wildin' out here. I hope the cops don’t kill me
They wanna see me blend in like Realtree
But I can'tz do thatz. I gots to do me


[Verse 2]
Team Grape Dutchess, hotbox the whip
Roll another swisher -shit is sticking to my lips
Windows with the tint. We billowing in the mist
On some nigga shit. I'm a bruja, I'm a witch
Flying trap easy, EZ Pass, breezy
Kush, Timbs and kekes - We got it all for cheap
How many batty boys can you fit in a jeep?
How many batty boys can you fit in a jeep??
Beep beep, I'm bout to back it up
Fill up my cup, homey fill up my cup
F a photobooth. Everyday here is a photoshoot
My team is too cute when we come thru on swoop
Someone tell my haters to get right or get left
Why you mad i got 50leven dudes on deck?
This boy is my browser and we double click like
Snap crackle...
Papichulo got his hot paws all over my boy-culo
Let's get stupid. Let's get dumb
Each one teach one how to freak some
We up in the backseat acting very uncouth
No tricks; just treats I got for that sweet tooth
I made him scream my name three times, Bloody Mary
I made him scream my name three times, Beetlejuice
Get loose



apparently the version of Wut on this EP is a rerecorded version of the song from his first mixtape