'American Idol': Meet your top 13

You gotta love an hour-long American Idol episode where the entire hour is actually devoted to results.

Host Ryan Seacrest began reading the names of the 10 singers who received the most votes this week. As audience members shouted out names of their favorite singers, he quipped, "Sounds like we're playing The Price Is Right here.

Here they are, in the order in which Seacrest called their names:

Malaya Watson

Ben Briley wgwg

Emily Piriz

Alex Preston wgwg

Jessica Meuse

Dexter Roberts wgwg

Caleb Johnson

Majesty Rose

MK Nobilette

Sam Woolf wgwg

And the wild cards...

Jena Irene

Kristen O'Connor

C.J. Harris


Who are your favs?
Who should go home?
Who do you think should've been in the Top 13?