Adam Brody denies Taco Bell from paparazzi, but confirms his status as Mr. Meester

Quick, quiet confirmation! Former O.C. star Adam Brody surprised photographers when he gave them a speedy confirmation of his secret marriage to Gossip Girl lead Leighton Meester. Us Weekly broke the news of the couple's nuptials on Feb. 18.

In a TooFab video, a photographer taking picture of Brody, 34, in a parking lot asked the actor, "Hey man, is it true you really got married?"

Brody, who played the famed Seth Cohen on The O.C., replied with a simple, "Yeah."

After the photographers congratulated him, he thanked them before flashing a thumbs up when asked, "How's the new wife?"

Though the clip is short, it marks Brody's first official confirmation of the exclusive scoop Us Weekly (LOL SHUT UP) revealed on Feb. 18 of the couple's top-secret wedding.

This comes as no surprise after Brody was spotted sporting what appeared to be a wedding band while leaving the gym in Los Angeles on Feb. 18.



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