'Sex and the City 3'? Michael Patrick King agrees 'there's one story left'

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On the topic of TV shows getting a second life, it’s impossible not to look to Sex and the City, the original model for Community fans’ cheer of “six seasons and a movie.” After six fashionable years of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte’s adventures on TV, the iconic HBO comedy series found new life — twice — with two big-screen adaptations, both written and directed by series exec producer Michael Patrick King.

During our chat with King about the revival chances of his other HBO show, The Comeback, the conversation of course veered into Sex territory. (How could it not?) The big question: could a third Sex and the City movie ever get off the ground? Back in January, Sarah Jessica Parker told InStyle that she believed there was one last chapter to tell. Well, King agrees.

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