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Rashida Jones: 'There's more than one way to be a woman and be sexy'
As Quincy's daughter, Rashida Jones might have been just another Hollywood brat. But the Parks And Recreation star has a Harvard degree – and big plans for America's funniest women

The actor, writer and producer Rashida Jones suggested we meet at a private members' club near her home in West Hollywood, which seemed like a fine idea at the time. But, as I wait for her, I worry that there must be a dress code that I didn't know about, because every single woman but me is wearing skinny designer jeans, metallic heels, a sexy top, a full face of makeup and an enormous designer handbag, at 3pm on a sunny Saturday. After a few long minutes in which I shift self-consciously around in my floral cotton dress, Jones comes clattering towards me, barefaced and dressed, in her words, "like a mime": in flats, wide-legged cropped black trousers and a Breton top. She looks – and I mean this in the non-infantilising sense – adorable. She also looks a little out of place here, but her reason for suggesting the venue becomes quickly apparent.

"They have the best chocolate chip cookies," she says, ordering a plateful as soon as she sits down.

I tell her I was worried the club had a dress code. "Oh God, that whole LA Barbie doll look, right?" she says. "It's weird that everybody wants to look like everyone else. I love what you can do with fashion, but that look is just not my nature. I like conservative dressing. I don't like to dress to tell people that they want to have sex with me."

While I was waiting for her, I say, men kept approaching the two women sitting near us, who are wearing extremely sexy versions of this LA uniform, and one chat-up line was, "Can I just charge my iPhone here?"

"Yeah, more like, 'Can I just charge my penis over here?'" Jones cackles.

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