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Updates From Gaga Filming At Hearst Castle

New Candid From The Set.

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Videos Of Her On The News.

Some Fan Videos.


Lady Gaga Bitten By An Adorable Slow Loris
While Shooting New Music Video

 photo slowloris_zps5bc1bbbf.jpg

Lady Gaga recently learned that even adorable animals have a serious bite.

The “Applause” singer is finally shooting the music video for the second single off her latest album ARTPOP. Unfortunately for Mother Monster, her encounter with a slow loris wasn’t as cute and cuddly as she’d initially expected.

According to reports, Lady Gaga was recently bitten by the aforementioned critter while shooting the official clip for G.U.Y.. Instead of using the slow loris for the shoot, its handlers ultimately changed their minds.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer is shooting the music video for G.U.Y. at Hearst Castle in California. In exchange for using the property, she shot a public service announce about the current drought and donated $25,000 to repair a leaky fountain. Governor Jerry Brown was pretty impressed with Lady Gaga’s generosity.

He wrote in a letter to the singer:

“I want to personally thank you for the [aid] and assistance you are providing to Hearst Castle, the communities surrounding San Simeon and the state as a whole. I’ve called on all Californians to conserve water in every way possible and the assistance you are providing will aide in that effort.”

Although she ultimately didn’t use the slow loris during the shoot, Lady Gaga had a few other creatures on-deck for the video. The singer assembled a few cast members from the reality television series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to help out, though it’s unclear which ones will appear in the clip.

Gaga said earlier this year that ARTPOP was officially back on track following a series of mishaps prior to and after the release of the album. She addressed the situation in a recent post to her fans and supporters.

“I know you’re anxious for more ‘ARTPOP.’ I am working so so so so hard and the wait will be worth it. We are 100 percent back on track and I’m busy creating behind the scenes. I miss you so much!” she wrote.

this is all sooo exciting!!! i cant wait!!!!

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