Thomas Brodie-Sangster talks joining Game of Thrones, the Red Wedding, and more

Thomas Brodie-Sangster recently spoke with Reveal.Co.Uk at a Game of Thrones press junket in London.

Thomas discusses landing the part of Jojen Reed and what it’s like to join a show like Game of Thrones. He also chats about the bad guys and shocking storylines that set the show apart, and his experience filming in Belfast.

On joining such a successful show
“When I first got the part I didn’t know that much about it. I had friends who watched it and I’d heard of it. I watched the first two seasons and thought, ‘Wow, it’s such a truly awesome group of cast and fantastic storylines all intertwining with each other.’ To be part of that is very special.”

“It’s incredibly exciting, especially when you get in on the first day and have your costume fitted, see what your character looks like, walk onto set for the first time and play it out. I think my first scene was actually my first scene on the show, which was really cool. It kind of worked in order a little bit. Then when it came out the reaction from everyone was just fantastic.

“It is very much like a big family and then there is our group [Jojen, Bran, Rickon, Osha, Hodor and Meera], a little family. We’d go back to the hotel after filming, meet up with other cast members and they’d have had very different days.

On the show’s bad guys
“You need to feel uncomfortable. You can’t feel everything will be okay as it often isn’t and that is what makes it exciting to read or watch; you don’t know what will happen. A favourite character can have his head chopped off or the bad guy might prevail and I think that’s brilliant. You don’t know what will happen, you can’t predict it.”

On shocking storylines like Red Wedding
“It’s something you expect anyway because this show dips and dives and no one is safe. I half expected it. It’s sad you don’t get to work with or chill out and relax with these people who used to be part of the show, but I think it’s healthy for the show to chop its way through people’s favourite characters. It’s not done enough on TV!”

On filming in Belfast
“Belfast is just stunning. I’ve met some really interesting people there as well. Just going to the pub and chatting to the old guys sitting there with a pint, you hear great stories; they are all so welcoming and really friendly. Most of our crew is Irish and they are wonderful. They show us the town and it’s great. I love Ireland in general. It’s one of my favourite places. Belfast and Dublin, they are great. And to film there is lovely. It’s just a little bit cold!”