Julianne Moore: 'In my opinion you don't get to have privacy when you're only 16!'

She is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars whose portrayals of emotionally troubled women has earned her four Oscar nominations and millions of dollars.
But fame and fortune do not prevent Julianne Moore from suffering the same anxieties facing other parents.

Nor do they take away from her that modern dilemma facing all mums and dads... should you follow your children’s activities on Facebook?

In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Moore, who has two children – Caleb, 16, and Liv, 12, with her film director husband Bart Freundlich – reveals she regularly ‘stalks’ them on the social media site.

Admitting she is terrified of the potential dangers of the internet, she said: ‘It’s a scary world out there. I’m all over it with my kids.
‘My son has a Facebook page which he uses but he also knows that his father and I – what they call, lurk – on it so that if we see something untoward we can talk to him about it.

'In my opinion you don’t get to have privacy when you’re only 16!
‘My daughter has an Instagram account on my phone, which is quite boring at the moment because I keep having to look at her pictures, which are all of kittens and cupcakes, but it’s what you do.’

Moore also admits to following Caleb on the New York underground to check he is safe. She said: ‘When my son first started to take the subway, my husband and I used to follow him to make sure he was all right, and then we had to stop following him and let him do it by himself.’

Moore, star of Boogie Nights and The Lost World: Jurassic Park, has just finished filming a thriller called Non-Stop in which she co-stars with Michelle Dockery, best known for playing Lady Mary in Downton Abbey.

Moore admits she is a big fan of the ITV show and she couldn’t stop pestering Dockery about it. She said: ‘I wouldn’t leave Michelle alone when we were making this movie. Every single day, I’d try to get out of her what was happening on Downton. I’d say to her, “Come here, come on and sit down by me.”

‘And as soon as she was sitting down I’d start, “What’s she like, O’Brien [Lady Grantham’s maid]? Is she mean in real life or is she nice? What’s going to happen to this character?” ’
Of her husband, whom she met filming The Myth Of Fingerprints in 1996, Moore said: ‘It’s hard to keep the romance going sometimes. Because you have a job. And you have children. And you have a house and a dog. And something leaks in the basement and somebody has to take the dog to the vet... you’re exhausted.’