New trailer and some info on Legend of Korra (Season 3)

A new trailer released in the Netherlands for The Legend of Korra season 3 offers a thrilling preview of what’s to come.

A Dutch channel has gotten the jump on Nickelodeon and recently aired a brief – but very exciting – preview from The Legend of Korra season 3. Though co-creator Bryan Konietzko has released several still images from production on the new season (titled Book 3: Change) this preview is our first look at Korra in motion since the conclusion of season 2 in November.

Though the footage of the trailer is grainy and no sound is provided, plenty of epic moments can still be glimpsed through the second-hand video capture.

Let us here at Hypable be among the first to say: Dragons! Dragons! Holy Iroh, dragons!

The 13-second teaser trailer focuses mostly on Avatar Korra, who seems to be facing a certain degree of trouble in shouldering her diplomatic duty. Korra is shown using her airbending against the ordinarily peaceful members of the White Lotus organization, as well as a group of individuals dressed in green – perhaps citizens of the Earth Kingdom, which has not yet been featured in The Legend of Korra.

There is also a nice shot of a shirtless Tenzin, who continues to excel in his role of sexy-kickass-father-figure, and a brief glimpse of Bumi and Bolin on a set of steps.

The real money shots of the video, however, come toward the end of the piece, with a look at another member of the White Lotus standing before an aforementioned dragon. Though its features are hard to make out, it is clear that the magnificent creature is red, fanged, and will at some point fly off epically into the sunset in The Legend of Korra season 3.

Though the teaser does not indicate any release date for The Legend of Korra season 3, it is heartening to know that enough footage is complete from Book 3: Change to cut together a trailer. Co-creator Mike DiMartino wrote in a recent blog post that the animation team at Studio Mir “is hard at work animating the last few episodes of Book 3.”

After the 15-month wait for Book 2: Spirits, it is thrilling to see that The Legend of Korra season 3 may light up our screens (and Tumblr dashboards) so soon.

A few images from Book 3 released by Bryan Konietzko (via his tumblr):

The new image is one of fan-favorite character Lin Beifong, the chief of Republic City’s metalbending police force, looking just a little bit sweaty. Though Lin was a strong presence in “Book 1: Air,” she was somewhat marginalized in the second season of The Legend of Korra as the story took Korra and her friends to the South Pole and beyond.

The Legend of Korra season 3, Konietzko said, will be different. “As promised, [Book 3] features a lot more Lin Beifong than Book 2,” he writes, “So I thought I’d share a cool screen shot of her.”

The animation featured is the work of the much-lauded Studio Mir, who animated season 1 and the second half of season 2. Studio Mir will reportedly take charge of the animation for all future episodes of The Legend of Korra.

This still image is the second production photo shared by Konietzko from The Legend of Korra season 3. The first photo, shared earlier in December, features the inimitable (and sweaty) Lin Bei Fong. Somewhat sidelined in Book 2, the metalbending chief of police is promised to be at the forefront of events in Book 3.

Though no release date has been announced yet for The Legend of Korra season 3, it’s heartening to see that production seems to be moving at a good pace. Another recent post by Bryan Konietzko, recounting the Legend of Korra production team’s holiday hijinks, indicates that 2014 will be the last year of full production on the four-season animated series.

“We’ll be down to a skeleton crew by December 2014,” Konietzko wrote. “I am enjoying the company of these great folks between all the work, while it lasts.”

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ngl, i've actually lost interest in this series but after watching the trailer, does that mean we'll get to see old Zuko(???)