Spice Girls Demo Tracks Leak

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It's been 20 years since the Spice Girls first answered that fateful ad in The Stage magazine, going on to become the world's most successful girl-group, and one of the best-selling British music acts in history. To celebrate 2 decades of SPICE, the internet has gifted us leaked demos of 5 songs from the Spice Girls' debut album and the Pepsi promotional song 'Step To Me'. Each track features slightly different musical arrangements and minor lyric changes.


Fans of the movie 'Spice World' will recognize this track as the one sung in the flashback at the old diner; even hardcore fans, though, will be shocked to learn that that version was the true demo version. Though the basic melody is the same, the iconic piano beat of 'Wannabe' is much less pronounced here, and it has more synth keyboards and drums running through it. There is also an instrumental break after the rap. Most noticeable, however, is how Mel B leads the song; instead of trading lines with Geri during the pre-verse, Mel B is answered in the verses by the rest of the girls together.


The opening instrumental is a lot funkier, and constant record scratching is present throughout the entire track. Victoria's here voice is much stronger than the finished album version (which was smoother and more mellow). There's a bit of an instrumental break right before Melanie C's part, a feature that was implemented during live versions of the song (though the live version featured a completely different, more uptempo beat). The ending does not contain runs by Melanie C and Emma.


'If U Can't Dance' prominently sampled the beat of Digital Underground's 'Humpty Dance'. Mel B's rap has different lyrics at the beginning, and is shorter. Though the bridge is much more synthesized (with Melanie C's voice almost unrecognizable), the chorus is much less synthesized, and has trance-like chanting spoken throughout it. On the proper album version, the chanting would only be done once during the middle-eight. The electronica-vibe of the song is replaced by a more gritty feel, with lots of background talking and random shouting occurring.


The sweeping orchestral arrangement is much more primitive here, replaced with cheap, tinny instrumentals, and an out of place beatbox beat. The gestalt chorus is much less defined, and Mel B randomly sings with Emma during the second to last verse; Mel B also doesn't perform harmonics during the chorus. Most notable about this track, though, is Victoria singing the second part of the first verse instead of Mel B.


'Last Time Lover' has the chorus sung together, not featuring Emma and Geri's vocals prominently, and this track has a distinct plucking 'twang' from a stringed instrument throughout. 'Step To Me' is essentially the same as the finished album version, with only a slight tweak in the beat here and there.

ONTD, what's your favourite Spice Girls song???