Which One Direction Star is Having an Unhappy Valentine's Day?

They say it can often be hard to live both a celebrity lifestyle and have a happy love life, and this seems to of have proven true with one of One Direction's biggest stars. Although the groups fans will be delighted at the news, it appears February 14th 2014 will be a sad, lonely day for Niall Horan. The Irish singer, 20, has had his heart broken after his stunning girlfriend is rumoured to of left him for a new man. (Doesn't this mean woman? punkylana/Barbara OTP!)

It just goes to show that even the world's most desirable boy band members can suffer the heartbreak of your average man. There had been suggestions for a few days now, but his ex-partner, Ms Palvin, uploaded a picture of her kissing her new boyfriend, showing that Mr Horan was a part of her past. Her friend spoke to British newspaper The Sun (oh) and told them "There was no big fall out, things just fizzled out as Niall and Barbara are both working in different parts of the world." She continued "They are both really busy and Niall is focused on recovering and getting ready for the band's massive Where We Are tour."

She also confirmed the pair "are still in touch and friendly." It appears Barbara will be using the stunning looks Niall fell for to be a success in her new job as a Victoria's Secret Angel, and that will see her travel worldwide, which would evidently clash with the One Direction stars schedule. With Niall now a single man at Valentine's Day, he has seen many proposals via his Twitter account.

Something suggested he won't be single for long. The One Direction boys have never had a problem with attracting the ladies, especially not at the most romantic time of year.


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