Getting to Know Beyonce-Approved Singing Cousins Haley & Mckenzie Small

On January 5th of this year, two young girls covered Beyonce's Pretty Hurts single and put the video of it up on YouTube. Normally, this wouldn't attract any kind of attention but this next point will. Eleven days after the video went up, the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce, posted a link to it on her personal Facebook page and afixed it with a message:

"Love it Haley and Mckenzie!"

She's referring to the cousins singing and appearing in the video, Haley and Mckenzie Small. At 22 and 14, respectively, the cousins have an inherent love for music that has accompanied them throughout their lives and are already working with producers to jumpstart a career in the industry.

"I always sang since I was a little girl," says Haley during our interview. "It was my only real hobby as a small child until it became professional at 10 years old when I started working with management and started recording, songwriting and working with producers. My parents were always very supportive of me so they would talk about me wherever they went and thats how I started getting opportunities to work with people professionally at such a young age."

Close friends, the two recently started recording together at Haley's studio. She started mentoring Mckenzie in music and is helping her grow musically.

Choosing Pretty Hurts as the Beyonce song to cover was an easy deal. Both Haley and Mckenzie are very big fans of Beyonce, and loved the new album she put out. Pretty Hurtswas a song that both could really relate to. Being young females they both experience the pressures of society and know what it means to feel like they have to be "perfect".

"In reality however, we realize that perfection is something that is impossible to attain," Haley says. "Have to work on feeling comfortable in our own skin every day, as most people do in this society."

As you might imagine, Haley remembers exactly where she was when she got the news that Beyonce had hyped her video.

"Mckenzie was in a math exam, while I was at home and I saw notifications coming through on my youtube channel and instagram with people saying "Bey sent us here" and "congrats! Bey loves your video" and I was initially very confused," she says. "I then checked her Facebook page and saw the post and screamed my lungs out! I texted Mckenzie but because she was in her math exam she couldn't check her phone until she was out of class. We both screamed too when we finally got on the phone together. It was an amazing day."

At this time Beyonce's Facebook status has over 57,000 likes and 2,532 likes while the girls' YouTube video has over 340,000 views and is steadily climbing.

As one can imagine, Haley and Mckenzie had a small spotlight on them after the reccomendation. They appeared on Much Music and Breakfast Television to talk about the experience.

"We've both gotten recognized by different news channels and TV stations, and are now recognized by people in our own city," says Haley. "We've accumulated some fans/supporters since then, which we are very grateful for. We hope to just continue to sing and make music and hope that people continue to like it."

So, what's up next for the Beyonce-approved singing ladies? Both Haley and Mckenzie will be working on their music (separately and together). Haley has been working with a team of Grammy winning producers and even had a showcase in New York City on February 11th for BET Music Matters.