Jennifer Connelly goes back to the eighties for The Edit

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Jennifer Connelly appeared in an eighties themed shoot for The Edit magazine/Net A Porter to promote her latest films, Winter's Tale and Noah. Jennifer spoke about her love for her family, working with husband Paul Bettany on homeless romance Shelter and aging in Hollywood.

On family: "We waited so long to have a third [Agnes, 2] because our boys [Kai, 16, Stellan, 10] are so great, healthy and clever and good, but then Agnes was born and everything is so much fuller and I am so madly in love, as are the boys. It has only made the dynamic richer."

On Shelter: "Working with [Paul] as a director was weirdly normal. I didn’t approach it with trepidation; it was an amazing experience."

On aging in Hollywood: "I noticed a huge shift from when I ducked out to have a baby when I was 39 – all of a sudden I came back to work and I had crossed over into another dimension. I had just had a baby and I was reading scripts for mothers of 20 year olds."

It's such a shame that decent roles dry up for actresses once they hit 40 - Hollywood needs more decent roles for older women. Agreed?

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