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20 (jk only 5) Reasons Blockbusters Have Never Been Better

Most people constantly moan about the state of Hollywood. There’s too much money-grabbing and not enough originality, everything is being dumbed down to reach wider audiences, it’s all just a constant churn of reboots, remakes, prequels and sequels, etc.

But to this we say “pish”, “tosh” and indeed “pffft”. Blockbusters have never been better and here’s why.

20. The heroes that we deserve right now

Remember the Spider-Man TV series of the late 70s starring Nicholas Hammond? The ones where the webhead would scale the wall assisted by a ropes and a harness, and he would shoot white silly string out of his wrists? Now look at the modern incarnation of the character – he swings through the streets, double-back-somersaults across buildings and fights giant lizard rage monsters.

We’re in a place now where existing popular properties that have previously seemed impossible to recreate on the big screen can be brought to life in all their fantastic glory. For comic-book fans, it is especially an exciting time; characters and storylines that have given joy to millions over the past 50-or-so years are finally getting the cinematic treatment they deserve.

19. Taking a gamble

Gone are the days where only a handful of directors are responsible for delivering top blockbusters year on year. It’s not just the Spielbergs and the Camerons and the Burtons that we rely upon to give us that full popcorn spectacle any more – now we have all manner of serious filmmakers and unproven visionaries getting the opportunity to turn in a multi-million franchise instalment.

No one is doing more for this movement than Marvel. Giving the reins to Thor to Kenneth Branagh was a genius move thanks to the film’s Shakespearean undertones, but giving Thor: The Dark World to Game Of Thrones director Alan Taylor was a gamble that paid off. Likewise, handing Captain America: The Winter Soldier to Anthony and Joe Russo – best known for directing episodes of Community – seems like an insanely risky choice. But Marvel has rarely taken a step wrong so far, and handing these franchise properties to untested directors can only add an exciting variety to our cinema experiences.

16. It's not all sequels, prequels and reboots

The most common criticism aimed at Hollywood is that it is a killing off originality by only putting money behind existing properties – franchise sequels, remakes, rebooting old movie series. But, while that seems the case to a certain extent, there is still a lot of original ideas still being developed for cinema.

Last year alone, we saw the likes of Gravity, Elysium, Pacific Rim, Olympus Has Fallen and White house Down, while this year we have such films as Pompeii, Transcendence, Jupiter Ascending and Interstellar, all of which are among the most exciting films in 2014’s roster.

12. Quality TV as a calling card

There has been an undeniable surge in the quality of TV productions over recent years, all of which helps to raise the profile of incredible cast and crews that can then move on to the business of making movies.

Between actors like Bryan Cranston, Kit Harington, Adam Driver, Emilia Clarke and Idris Elba all making the leap to the big screen, not to mention formidable TV writers and directors, television is proving to be a great resource for talent.

5. Up and coming directors given a budget

There are always exciting new directors making fresh, original films and now, more than ever before, these directors are taking charge of huge blockbuster releases.

Forgetting even just the excitement of having Joss Whedon helm one of the biggest films of all time, or Shane Black directing one of the most successful films in recent years, we also have the likes of James Gunn, Edgar Wright, Marc Webb, Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank all lined up for massive cinematic releases.

Read the rest of the list @ the source!

lol @ them using a picture of Star Trek Into Darkness for the "films made by fans" point about JJ Abrams at the source. I have a feeling the Star Trek stans here on ONTD will disagree with him being used as a good example of fan-turned-director.
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