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Tom Hiddleston doesn’t want to be “Loki with a lightsaber” in Star Wars 7

Thor star says an offer from J.J Abrams for Star Wars would be “flattering” but says they’ll be looking for people without an “association elsewhere.”

If you were hoping to see Tom Hiddleston in Star Wars 7 it’s not looking too good.

Sure he may have had a jolly old time pulling on the Captain America suit for a bit of a joke on the set of Thor. But viewers need to be able to focus on the specific character Hiddleston says.

“I imagine they’re looking for people who don’t have an association elsewhere. The audience need to believe in the character, rather than saying, ‘Oh look, it’s Loki with a lightsaber!’” Hiddleston tells

We all totally want to see that though, right? Thor with his hammer, Loki with a lightsaber. Someone on the internet needs to get on to this. Superheroes with different weapons? It’s a meme in the making.

Hiddleston admits it would be “very flattering” to be asked to join J.J. Abrams’s cast, although says he isn’t sure joining the franchise worked out all that well for Ewan McGregor.

“I did talk to Ewan about it once. When they asked if he wanted to be Obi-Wan Kenobi he said: ‘Are you joking? Of course!’ But his experience didn’t live up to the promise.’”

Sounds like there's a story there, doesn't it? Perhaps they didn’t let him keep his lightsaber.

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