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People's Forgotten Hollywood Sweethearts Quiz Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Which Hollywood hunk did Melissa Joan Hart bewitch? Who got hate mail for dating Natalie Portman? See how well you know long-lost romances of the past...

Get out a piece of paper and list it from 1 - 12. This is a multiple choice quiz if you'd like to play along... Answers have been hidden with spoiler tags as you scroll down.

Post your score in the comments!  Be prepared for unflattering pics of celebs too!

 photo melissa_zpsa920a3ab.jpg

1. Melissa Joan Hart was wooed by this future Hollywood hunk as a teen:

A. Ryan Reynolds
B. Bradley Cooper
C. Ryan Phillippe
D. Jake Gyllenhaal


[Answer Question 1]
A. Ryan Reynolds

 photo ryan-reynolds-1-435_zpsf44e9c1f.jpg

In her memoir, Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life, Hart revealed she had a teenage make-out session with Reynolds after the pair filmed 1996's Sabrina the Teenage Witch. "I remember that his lips were pretty wonderful," she further dished on Chelsea Lately, "plus he has these big hands and shoulders that completely swallowed my petite frame."

 photo natalie_zpsede31a23.jpg

2. Which nerdy star won Natalie Portman's heart before Benjamin Millepied?

A. Adam Brody
B. Zach Braff
C. Moby
D. John Krasinski


[Question #2 Answer]
C. Moby

 photo moby-1-435_zps2a7eb8ba.jpg

During the late 2000s, Portman briefly dated the electronic musician, whose relationship with the star shocked many. "It's made me the target of a lot of nerd wrath," Moby told Spin magazine. "You can't date Luke Skywalker's mom and not have them hate your guts."

 photo cameron_zpse6593303.jpg

3. In 1999, this breakout TV star romanced big-screen babe Cameron Diaz:

A. James Franco
B. David Schwimmer
C. Jared Leto
D. John Corbett


[Question #3 Answer]

C. Jared Leto

 photo jared-leto-1-660_zps8cd1a12d.jpg

Before the Dallas Buyers Club actor and his flowing locks became awards season darlings, Leto was romancing Diaz, whom he dated from 1999 to 2003.

 photo liv_zpsfbc71665.jpg

4. Which former costar did Liv Tyler play house with?

A. Tom Everett Scott
B. Joaquin Phoenix
C. Johnathon Schaech
D. Ethan Embry


[Question #4 Answer]
B. Joaquin Phoenix

 photo joaquin-phoenix-1-435_zps09a4465a.jpg

After meeting on the set of 1997's Inventing the Abbotts, Tyler and Phoenix dated for three years, eventually moving in together. "I fell in love with Joaquin the second I saw him," the actress told The Morning Call at the time. "It just happened immediately."

 photo kim_zps4e072416.jpg

5. Before Kanye West, which other rapper romanced Kim Kardashian?

A. Andre 3000
B. Kid Cudi
C. Nick Cannon
D. Ludacris


[Question #5 Answer]

C. Nick Cannon

 photo nick-cannon-1-435_zps9473a7f8.jpg

In 2012, Cannon came clean about his brief affair in 2006 with Kardashian, which lasted six months. Speaking on The Howard Stern Show, he admitted her lying about the existence of her sex tape was the reason behind their breakup. "If she might have been honest with me, I might have tried to hold her down and be like 'That was before me' because she is a great girl," Cannon said.

 photo anne_zps84f9af96.jpg

6. Which Valentine's Day costar did Anne Hathaway once cozy up to off-screen?

A. Bradley Cooper
B. Ashton Kutcher
C. Jamie Foxx
D. Topher Grace


[Question #6 Answer]
D. Topher Grace

 photo topher-grace-1-435_zpsf8de9df2.jpg

While they've never confirmed it, the longtime pals were reportedly romantic between 1999 and 2001. "I had a crush on Topher when I first met him, when I came out to Los Angeles, and I was about 16," Hathaway admitted during a joint interview with the actor, adding, "It's a rare thing to be friends with someone for 11 years."

 photo drew-barrymore-a_zps140ad52f.jpg

7. Who did Drew Barrymore call her boyfriend before she called him a costar?

A. Adam Sandler
B. David Arquette
C. Luke Wilson


[Question #7 Answer]
B. David Arquette

 photo drew-barrymore-b_zpsf074d3c3.jpg

Before costarring in 1996's Scream and again in 1999's rom-com Never Been Kissed, the young stars (she was 16, he was 20) found love in the early 1990s, cuddling at multiple red carpet events. In 2010 Arquette reminisced to Howard Stern about his former flame, saying, "How cool would an Arquette-Barrymore child be? From a pure breeding standpoint."

 photo matt-mcconaughey-a_zps010b755c.jpg

8. Which of Matthew McConaughey's costars turned into a real-life romance?

A. Ashley Judd
B. Jennifer Lopez
C. Sarah Jessica Parker
D. Kate Hudson


[Question #8 Answer]

A. Ashley Judd

 photo matt-mcconaughey-b_zps7a63fb57.jpg

Before settling down with Brazilian beauty Camila Alves, McConaughey briefly dated actress Ashley Judd after working together in the 1996 courtroom drama A Time to Kill.

 photo halle-berry-a_zps8f3f12e3.jpg

9. Which New Kid won Halle's heart in the '80s?

A. Donnie Wahlberg
B. Joey McIntyre
C. Danny Wood
D. Jonathan Knight
E. Jordan Knight


[Question #9 Answer]
C. Danny Wood

 photo halle-berry-b_zpsa9878571.jpg

Looks like he had the right stuff! Berry showed off her love of boy bands in 1989, embarking on a brief romance with the New Kid in her pre-fame days.

 photo jessica-biel-1-435_zps32e33406.jpg

10. Which famous Chris did Jessica Biel fall for?

A. Chris Evans
B. Chris Hemsworth
C. Chris Pine
D. Christian Bale


[Question #10 Answer]

A. Chris Evans

 photo jessica-biel-2-435_zps141d28f3.jpg

Biel called Captain America himself her man! The actress dated Evans for more than four years before calling it quits in 2006 – just in time to bring sexy back with now-fiancé Justin Timberlake.

 photo ashton-kutcher-q_zps479616ae.jpg

11. Ashton Kutcher once found love with which Mad Men actress?

A. January Jones
B. Christina Hendricks
C. Elisabeth Moss
D. Alison Brie


[Question #11 Answer]

A. January Jones

 photo ashton-kutcher-a_zpse96d7561.jpg

While working as a model for Abercrombie & Fitch in 1998, Kutcher met fellow model January Jones. The two dated for three years.

 photo george-clooney-q_zpsb46db3a9.jpg

12. In the late '80s George Clooney once dated which now-married actress?

A. Nicole Kidman
B. Jennie Garth
C. Sarah Jessica Parker
D. Kelly Preston


[Question #12 Answer]
D. Kelly Preston

 photo george-clooney-a_zpsce37e4bb.jpg

From 1987 to 1989, Clooney and Preston were an item, even living together in the Hollywood Hills. One lasting reminder of the romance: a black potbellied pig named Max, which Clooney originally bought as a present for his girlfriend but kept after the split.


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