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'I was a nerdy teenager!' Brooklyn Decker transforms into what she looked like in high school


Now she is one of the world's sexiest swimsuit models gracing everything from magazine covers to the big screen, but Brooklyn Decker swears it was not always this way.

While it is hard to imagine that the 5-foot-9 curvacious blonde was ever an ugly the ducking, the 26-year-old has sought the help of her makeup team to show what she used too look like - and the results are far from cover girl worthy.

The wife of Andy Roddick posted two photographs of herself being transformed back into 'High school Brooklyn' on her Instagram on Tuesday, complete with glasses, badly curled hair, braces and even pimples.


The model was made to look nothing like her usual stunning self for a BMW advertisement in which a man reflects on his poor choices in life - including dumping a nerdy Brooklyn in high school.

But the What To Expect When You're Expecting star insists it is not just for the commercial - that she actually used to look like that.

Explaining why she agreed to the make under for the ad entitled Opportunity Knocks, the bombshell said: 'I was determined to play myself as a nerdy teenager – down to the braces and not so trendy clothes – just like I was in high school.'

In the advert, Brooklyn's high school boyfriend realises his big mistake when the now adult model appears on his television looking fantastic at a premiere.

Brooklyn is not the only thing the man missed out on, with his friend offering him a chance to invest in Twitter.

Considering it her says: '140 characters? I don't get it.'

Determined not to miss out again, the man does not reconsider his choice to buy a BMW.

The advertisement is to be aired throughout the Winter Olympic Games.

Watch the ad at the SOURCE
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