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Netflix invents "House of Cards Against Humanity" game

At the intersection of cutthroat politics and party games for the twisted sits House of Cards Against Humanity.

Yes, you read that correctly. Netflix is joining forces with Cards Against Humanity to create a special 25-pack deck inspired by its original series House of Cards. Cards Against Humanity offered a printed version of the deck for free, but has run out at time of publishing. Disappointed fans can still download both plain-text and print-and-play versions.

Cards in the new deck include "carbon monoxide poisoning," "discharging a firearm in a residential area" and "strangling a dog to make a point to the audience," along with — fair warning — other spoilers.

Cards Against Humanity launched in 2011 after a Kickstarter campaign funded the first round of publishing. The game has gained notoriety for its crass content and clever marketing stunts.

The new season of House of Cards debuts on Netflix Feb. 14.

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forgot the sources last time.
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