Nicole Kidman: 'It's Taken Me 40-Something Years, But I Embrace the Curl'

Nicole Kidman has been gradually shaking her “ice queen” image over the past year (how could we forget these Jimmy Choo ads?) but her most recent interview, for InStyle’s March issue, may just shatter that perception altogether.

The star is warm, candid and funny in the interview (the issue hits stands Friday), talking about her romantic marriage to Keith Urban and their sweet daughters together. While he often visits her on set and she’s frequently on the road with him and the girls, they do find themselves apart for periods of time due to their hectic work schedules. And when that happens, he works to keep the spark alive. “For every single night he’s away, he leaves me a love letter. Every single night of our relationship,” she says. “It keeps us close.”

She credits her family for helping her embrace certain aspects of herself, like her curly hair — famous in her Days of Thunder days but straightened for almost all of her 20-plus year career. “I almost never straighten it anymore,” she says. “It’s taken me 40-something years, but I embrace the curl. My littlest daughter has the same hair. She likes it when my hair is curly, so I wear it for her.”

And she also confesses that life on the road with a musician has made her (gasp) a fan of fast-food burgers. “Keith and I eat at Wendy’s,” she admits. “You’ve got to remember, I’m with a musician on a tour bus. We do drive throughs!” We’ll never see her as that aloof ice queen again!