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Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer update

2014's Super Bowl was overshadowed by one thing. It wasn't Optimus Prime riding a dinosaur, the 'Seinfeld reunion or Seattle Seahawks' demolition of the Denver Broncos, instead it was the lack of a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' trailer.

Just over a week before the sporting spectacular, James Gunn confirmed that a trailer for his eagerly anticipated superhero epic wouldn't be ready in time.

Now, of course, many of us just assumed that he was actually lying, and that his disappointing announcement was a ruse that would ultimately make the trailer's premiere at Super Bowl XLVIII even more monumental.

Unfortunately, he was actually telling the truth. And instead we had to just make do with new footage for the 'Amazing Spider-Man 2,' 'Captain America: The Winter Solider' and 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction.' It was like asking Father Christmas for a bike, and then getting punched in the face by the Easter Bunny.

However, information has just been released that confirms that the first trailer for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' has been classified as PG-13, and that it will also have a running time of two minute and twenty-three seconds. It's likely that the feature film will follow the same classification as the trailer.

At the moment, we still haven't had an official date for the trailer, however, according to, normally after it is classified it lands in cinemas just a week or two later.

Some fans had been wary that we might not get our first glimpse of the eclectic ensemble until 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier's' hits cinemas on April 4, but it now seems as though it could premiere either during the Olympics or the Oscars telecast.

However it's released, Gunn previously revealed on his Facebook page that Marvel and Disney have orchestrated a perfect promotional campaign for 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

Gunn wrote, "Marvel and Disney have had a plan in place for a long time for the rollout of these characters in the biggest and best way possible, serving the widest audience as possible. Trust that they know what they're doing, as they've been through this a few times before. And please be patient."

Meanwhile, James Gunn's cat is only proving to be a hindrance as he attempts to complete the edit on time:

My cat is trying to help me edit. By sitting right in front of the screen.
- James Gunn (@JamesGunn) February 9, 2014

Are you excited about 'Guardians of the Galaxy'? Or do you think it could be a Marvel flop?

Gregory Wakeman is a movie enthusiast whose favourite Marvel effort is Joss Whedon's 'The Avengers,' but who believes that 'Guardians of the Galaxy' will ultimately eclipse it.


I'm ready !!! but Batista is ruining my wrestling ... ugh thanks alot
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