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Tyler Posey Dishes on the Fight to Save Stiles, Reveals His Favorite Scene in the Season 3B Finale

Brace yourselves, Teen Wolf fans: things are not going to get easier for us or for our Beacon Hills friends.

We talked to Tyler Posey, the teen wolf himself, all about what to expect this season, especially when it comes to Scott and his bat-wielding (and possibly evil) BFF, Stiles Stilinski, played by season MVP Dylan O'Brien. As we discussed in this morning's Spoiler Chat, gone are the days when Stiles played the part of comedic, problem-solving best friend to Scott's brooding hero. At least for the rest of this season, it seems like Scott and Stiles are switching roles, with Stiles taking center stage in Season 3B.

"It's been really different, because Stiles, to Scott, has always been the guy who knows everything. He knows the answers to everything, he always comes up with a plan, he's like his own detective, you know?" Posey said of the duo. "But now that Scott sees him as a little vulnerable and kind of clueless as to what's happening to him and around him, I think it forces Scott to step up and be the guy to bring him back to reality a little bit. Stiles is very much Scott's rock, and he kind of keeps him together and that's kind of what Scott's job is this season for Stiles."

While Scott will obviously do his absolute best to save Stiles from the evil spirit possessing him, it doesn't sound like we can let out a sigh of relief just yet, according to Posey. "You'll definitely see Dylan go more in the direction that you can already see him going in." Given the fact that last week saw Stiles suddenly able to easily kill unkillable ninja demons and promos for tonight's episode feature him scared and crying in the dark, this is definitely not good news.

However, we are not totally against Scott taking on a lighter and more supporting role next to his best friend. We are loving the adorably slow-moving relationship between Scott and the foxy Kira, played by newcomer Arden Cho, and Posey agrees. "You get to see them become friends before a relationship, if that ever happens," he teased. "Right now, they're definitely mostly friends who want to help each other out, and they also have feelings for each other, but I think they both know they have to put those feelings aside for a second while they deal with saving the world. Everything that they're going through gives them a bigger connection and it's just a really cool little relationship to watch and see blossom."

Posey is also excited to watch Scott and Allison's (Crystal Reed) newfound friendship unfold on screen. "Crystal and I have never acted as a friendship, you know. There's always some sort of sexual tension or some type of tension in between us, so that was really fun to play," he said. "She's a kickass hunter and she knows what she's doing when it comes to hunting and all that, so to have her on my team, and in my pack, and as a friend, I think does a lot more good than us being in a romantic relationship…now we can focus on killing things together, which is cool."

As for the twins, played by Max and Charlie Carver, Posey remained understandably mum on their true intentions. "The twins are always going to be those iffy antagonists. They could be trying to get into Scott's pack to help him out, or they could be wanting to get into Scott's pack to take him down."
When we asked about tonight's episode, titled "Riddled," in which Stiles goes missing, Posey got a little ominously excited. "Oh! Yes! That was one of my favorite [episodes] to shoot," he said, before going on to tease: "It's very creepy. It's very eery and creepy and you may or may not meet a new character."

Posey also previewed that one of his favorite scenes this season will pop up in the season three finale (titled "The Divine Move," which we're rather curious about for a lot of reasons), and it's between Scott and Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio), aka the best mom on TV right now. He couldn't tell us anything about the content, but he could gush endlessly about the actress. "Oh god, I love Melissa. She is such a good actress, such a good person, so sweet, so loving. She's so motherly, and fits right in with the cast. She's raunchy, and fun, and professional, and just knows her sh*t. And she's one of my favorite people, by far."

When we talked to Tyler Hoechlin a couple of weeks ago, he got very into our idea of a Teen Wolf crossover and was determined to move some werewolves into Game of Thrones' King's Landing, so of course we had to ask Posey the same thing. He first had to throw a little shade at his co-star. "Of course he said Game of Thrones. I mean, Hoechlin is like the biggest fad-loving, trendy guy, like he loves everything that is trendy."

Posey's answer? Seinfeld, obviously. "Are you kidding me? We would go and get Chinese food. Kramer kind of looks like a werewolf anyway. Maybe Scott and Elaine could date or something. Stiles is kind of like the Costanza of the group, so I think that we could definitely make it work." We're pretty sure that after Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld read this (because why would they not?), that rumored Seinfeld reunion will become very real because clearly, this is the genius idea they've been waiting for.

So when Teen Wolf gets too gory or too terrifying or far too upsetting from now on (as Posey assures us it's going to continue to do), just imagine Coach going head-to-head against the Soup Nazi and everything will be better. Maybe.

Teen Wolf airs tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Source: eonline
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