Frozen's Reddit AMA

Hello reddit! We are the team behind FROZEN. THANK YOU for all of your support!
Directors - Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Producer - Peter Del Vecho
Song Writers - Bobby Lopez, Kristen Lopez
Ask Us Anything!
P.S. - In case you were wondering, we'd all rather fight a horse-sized duck. That's how early man defeated the wooly mammoth.
Also! Santino just walked into the room. He went straight for the food. "I'm a New York actor!"
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Q: With Frozen being such a huge success, was there ever a moment working on the film that it really clicked for each of you and you all realized that this movie was going to be as successful as it has been?

I've also heard rumors that Elsa's character was originally planned to be much darker, is there any truth behind this? How much did her (and Anna's) characters evolve over the development of the film?

Great work, I love every bit of it!

Entire group: We had a screening in Feb 2013 and it wasn't quite there. Later, a preview to audiences in Phoenix in June was half-animated and the reaction far exceeded our expectations. Jenn and Kristen cried! And then drank wine.

Chris & Jennifer: Elsa was a lot darker for much of the movie until Bobby & Kristen wrote "Let It Go". She even had dark, spikey hair and was colored blue. Anna went from a "somebody rescue me girl" to a fearless, feisty girl - from a sarcastic to optimistic place.

Q: Whose idea was it to have Anna punch Hans in the face? A+ to that person.

We don't remember which one of us it was but I remember wanting it strongly.

Jennifer & Chris: Originally, Kristoff punched Hans right after Anna froze but it took away from the moment. We really wanted it to be a POP, to be a surprise.

Kristen: It really made sense once we figured out the moment when Hans takes the turn. He needed to be punched.

Santino: That was SO unnecessary. I think we could have talked about.

Q: Speaking of Hans, can he be considered a sympathetic character? We learn very little of him during the course of the movie and, for at least a brief moment before Love is an Open Door, he seems like someone who can genuinly understand how Anna feels. And if he wasn't lying about having 12 older brothers (and them ignoring him) he seems like someone who was in a similar spot to Anna but chose a different path than Anna who clung to hope that Elsa will let her in.

Is there any basis for this (and can we expect Hans to be expanded on in any future material) or is this a case of fans seeing goodness and a chance for redemption where there is none?

Jennifer: I think Hans is a tragic figure because he's a consequence of being raised without love.

Q: Hi, Thanks for making a wonderful movie! My main question is, Why didn't Kristoff sing more?! You had such a talented singer in Jonathan Groff, and he only had is one, small "duet" with Sven! Thanks!

Bobby & Kristen:
Jonathan Groff isn't known for his singing. He's more known for his naked buttocks. Ha ha ha. Actually, we kept fighting the whole process to get a Kristoff song but Kristoff is such an introvert. He's the type of character who wouldn't sing until Anna helped complete him and by then we were into action all the way through the film.

For the Broadway version you can rest assured we'll give Kristoff a bigger, longer, song.

P.S. There is a ballad - a love song to Anna that exists in an undisclosed location :)

Q: Where were the King and Queen planning to go when they lost their lives out at sea?

A wedding.

According to Chris, they didn't die on the boat. They got washed up on a shore in a jungle island. The queen gave birth to a baby boy. They build a treehouse. They get eaten by a leopard...

Kristen: They were going to Fantasy Island!! To fix the tensions in their marriage in a way only Ricardo Montalban.

Q: Hi guys. Love Frozen. Two questions:

1) The film, and Elsa's story in particular, seems to touch on issues of depression and anxiety. Was that intentional and, if so, when was it introduced into the story. As someone who struggles with anxiety, that element of the film really moved me.

2) The song We Know Better is one of my favourites, even though it was cut. Why was it removed from the film and is there a chance we could see it included in the Broadway show.

Thanks again for creating such a wonderful, touching film.

Bobby & Kristen:
We don't know yet if "We Know Better" will be included. What you hear on the soundtrack is only half the song. The rest of the song showed the evolution to the point where they split and Elsa became a villain using her powers for evil and Anna was a prissy princess. So obviously, that told us what the movie shouldn't be.

Chris: i forget all that...

Kristen: We will never forget. :)

Q: Did anything get cut from the final release that you wish could've made it into the film?

We had an intro for Kristoff that was action, mountain man, climbing with pick axes. It was great. With a fun surprise...It'll actually be on the DVD!

Kristen: We had a crazy Troll song that was about walking in other people's shoes. But it had this romantic music in the middle of it where Anna and Kristoff literally walked in each other's shoes and saw how each other saw the world. But it had a lot of lyrics about foot fungus.

Q: Was the twist with Hans planned from the beginning?

If not, how did the movie originally end?

Chris & Jennifer:
He always had noble reasons but they were shallow so it wasn't necessarily a flip.

Bobby: He always turned out to be the bad guy in the end but it wasn't always a big surprise.

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