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Season 3 X Factor USA member leaves flop Country group


On "The X Factor" this season, Simon Cowell put together a group called Restless Road. They did very well and fans thought they could be a huge hit in the country music industry. On Feb. 9, the group went to their Facebook page to reveal that Colton Pack has made the choice to leave the group.

The post said, "Colton has decided to leave the group. We are going to support his decision. We don't want you to worry too much. More information to come. I know you might be confused or worried but Andrew and Zach will have a ustream tonight to answer what questions they can. The decision was Colton's. We didn't have any arguments or a fall out. We still support each other. Please know Restless Road is NOT over...we are still going to push forward and we have plans. More details in a ustream tonight coming soon. We will post link to our page."

Fans are talking to them and very upset about this decision. Honestly Colton seemed like the best part of the group and the strongest singer. He was a big part of the group and it will be interesting to see if Andrew and Zach can go on without him. Country doesn't have a lot of strong duos at this time though so you never know what might end up happening for the guys.

Colton also spoke out on Twitter. He basically said that prior to being on the show he was a solo artist and that is really where his heart is at right now. He will be working on a solo artist and that is what he wants to do with his career. Restless Road won't be the same without him.

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