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Adult entertainment company asks Amanda Knox to star in porn movie

Fresh off a legal setback that again finds her responsible for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox has been offered a new job - as a porn actress.

An adult entertainment company - with a knack for gimmicky publicity stunts - has offered 'Foxy Knoxy' $20,000 to star in a porn film.

Adult film distributor Monarchy Distribution says it's offering Knox the 'unique opportunity' to pay her mounting legal bills and fund her education by getting naked on film.

'As you may have read, and were most likely well aware of, the general consensus is you are absolutely smoking hot,' company founder Michael Kulich writes in an e-mail to Knox forwarded to the Daily Dot.

'Since you came back into the headlines, our loyal fan base has been e-mailing us non-stop asking about you.'

Kulich's email gives Knox the assurance that she would have final say 'over all terms of production' - Kulich says Knox will get to choose which sex acts she performs on film, and which 'talent' she wants to work with.

'This is a great opportunity for you to make some money to put towards finishing your education and also future legal costs to help with this unfortunate retrial,' Kulich continues.

This is far from the first time Kulich's company has tried to cash in on attractive women who make headlines.

This isn't the first time Knox has been offered a job in the porn industry; in 2011, after winning the appeal of her initial guilty verdict in the Kercher murder case, Vivid Entertainment - which, like Monarch Distribution - has a long history of headline-inspired publicity stunts - offered Knox a job.

'We would like to offer her the opportunity to be our spokesperson and represent the studio at trade and retail events.This would involve no nudity or sex. Of course we would welcome talking to her if she wants to pursue this direction, but the decision is totally hers to express," the company said in its publicized offer to Knox.

Knox, however, did not respond to the gimmick.


ONTD, would you star in a porn movie if offered?

and wtf there's no porn tag?
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