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Paula Patton Jumps On Board ‘Audrey’s Run’ Film Project

Paula Patton has officially attached herself to the currently in development film project Audrey’s Run, written by Emily Abt which deals with an African-American woman running for mayor in Boston.

Abt’s script was one of four scripts to make the first ever Athena List, created by the Athena Film Festival, as a counterpoint to the more well known Black List - the yearly list of supposedly great but, as yet, unproduced screenplays.

However the Athena List is designed to be more gender conscious, created to bring recognition to great unproduced feature screenplays with “strong female protagonists”.

The inaugural batch of scripts and the screenwriters will be honored at the festival this weekend in New York City.

Melissa Silverstein, who is one of the co-founder of the Athena Film Festival said: “If you follow Hollywood, you know the Black List and you know how it has become important in itself, being on this list. There seems to be a need out there to have a conversation about this lack. Hopefully it will spur people to think that you can make a movie about a woman running for office as easily as you can about a man running for office…. A lot of the time, people get stuck in what they’re comfortable with. Our objective with the Athena List is to make people pay attention for a moment.”

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