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15 (5) Toys We'd Like To See Follow 'The Lego Movie' To The Big Screen

Legos aren't the first toys to be turned into movie stars. "Transformers," "G.I. Joe," "Clue," "Battleship" and even "The Garbage Pail Kids" all beat the little building blocks to the big screen. But with "The Lego Movie" dominating the box office this weekend, we thought it was the perfect time to make a list of some of our favorite childhood toys we want to see made into movies.

'The My Little Pony Movie'

Type of Movie: A scary, scary, scary Western

This is technically a cheat, because it's based more on the "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" TV series than the line of Hasbro toys that debuted in 1983. Sorry. Think "Red River" only with the ponies leading the wagon train and attempting to herd humans across the country, specially male humans. So it's Twilight Sparkle and friends herding men across the country. They start off friendly, but soon conflicts arise as Twilight Sparkle becomes too autocratic. The ponies clash, but remain friends. Meanwhile, a very special relationship develops between Pinkie Pie and one of the man-bulls. And one night, by a roaring campfire... EW. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Potential tagline: Go west, young ponies.

'The Jem Movie'

Type of movie: The rock 'n' roll response to "Pitch Perfect"

Jerrica is a young entrepreneur and moonlights as Jem, a ferocious singer in a punk band The Holograms during her last year of college. She wants to win the Battle of the Bands for the money prize, to turn her entertainment tech business into a profitable model so she doesn't have to take a "real job" out of school like her parents insist. Initially, Jem thinks it's classmate Pizzazz keeping her from her dreams: but can their rival bands' competition turn into respect, a sisterhood, even a partnership? Pizzazz' sociopathic 20-something bassist boyfriend Eric Raymond [Macklemore, Alex Pettyfer?] has his own reasons for standing in Jem's way.

Potential tagline: Make way for something truly outrageous

'The Magic 8-Ball Movie'

Type of film: Lifetime for Women

Melissa Gilbert stars as a woman in peril visiting her sister, played by Lauren Holly. The two get tipsy one night and ask their childhood Magic 8-Ball if Melissa should kill her philandering husband. The Magic 8-Ball’s reply? “Without a doubt.” But when she returns home, she finds her husband already dead, clubbed to death with a Magic 8-Ball with her fingerprints on it. Is her sister trying to frame her or has the Magic 8-Ball taken over her sister’s life and she must now carry out whatever answer it gives. Can Melissa save herself and her sister at the same time?

Potential tagline: Be very careful what you ask, you might not like the answer

'The Easy Bake Oven Movie'

Type of film: Hallmark Channel original

Two single parents. One last, precious Easy Bake oven in stock -- and it's the day before Christmas. Can two little kids share a Christmas miracle, at least until one of the parents says, oh, yeah, Amazon, and orders a second oven? Gluey brownies will be made, hands will accidentally touch, and soon a tray of cookie aren't the only things heating up. Starring Katherine Heigl and some guy.

Potential tagline: Love in the Time of Brownies

'The Operation Movie'

Type of Film: Horror

During the graveyard shift at a hospital, a man is rushed into the ER, unconscious. Tearing off his shirt, the nurse finds a message written in blood stapled onto his chest warning that inside the man is a small explosive which has to be removed within three hours or it will explode and the lethal chemical weapon inside it will infect the whole hospital. Killing the man will also trip the bomb. X-rays show not one device inside the man, but a dozen, all over his body — knee, stomach, ankle, elbow, wish bone, etc. The operation begins, and with each wrong piece removed, time dwindles and another clue to the devilish puzzle is revealed. Will the surgeons remove the bomb in time? Can they keep the patient alive? Will the madman be brought to justice?

Potential Tagline: There is only one procedure on tonight’s ER schedule — Operation: Terror!


3rd times the charm mods. Which toy would you like to see in a movie? Which toy do you think will become the next movie?
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