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ALMA Award Winning Vocalist and Author Jennifer Lynn López discusses her upcoming memoir, True Love.

Jennifer Lopez has admitted she still loves ex-husband Marc Anthony and that they are each other's biggest supporters despite their split.

The American Idol judge told Glamour that he would feature in her upcoming book, True Love, which is a behind-the-scenes memoir of her first world tour.

Asked if she still loved Marc, she replied: "I do. I love him as the father of my children and as my friend. That doesn't mean that we were meant to be in a marriage forever though."

She added: "He knows he's in [the book] and he's very curious, but he's a big supporter of mine. He's my biggest fan and I'm his."

J-Lo said of writing the book after they broke up: "I needed something bigger than the pain I was feeling at that moment. I really grew up that year."

The actress and singer also said she felt that being famous wasn't for everyone, but that she knew her job was to entertain people.

Asked if it was a lot of pressure having her life scrutinised in the press, she said: "It is. And that's why this job is not for everybody. It has amazing rewards, but it also has moments where you're not feeling good and nobody wants to know about it.

"And by the way, I don't think I should let them know. My job is to show up, entertain and be creative - everything else doesn't matter."

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