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Amazon's second wave of pilots

Remember a year ago, when Amazon put up pilots for shows and let people select which ones would get made into a series? No? Did you watch Alpha House or Betas? Or the kids shows (Annebots, Creative Galaxy and Tumbleaf)? Compared to their closest rival Netflix, maybe crowdsourcing ideas and then releasing the episodes weekly didn't work. I mean, House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black both got critical love and popular love (judging by gifs), and even then people might mention Lilyhammer or Hemlock Grove, both of which are getting second seasons.

Well, they have a second wave of pilots for people to watch and vote on. Here's the run down of the programs, with some snap judgements of mine. You can watch (and vote them, too, if you're an Amazon Prime member or just sign up for the trial): HERE.

Adult Shows

Series: The After
Creators: Chris Carter (creator of The X-Files) wrote and directed this pilot, exec produced by Marc Rosen of Georgeville Television and produced by Gabe Rotter.
Cast: Aldis Hodge, Jamie Kennedy, Adrian Pasdar, Jason Lewis,Andrew Howard, Arielle Kebbel, Sharon Lawrence, Sam Littlefield, Louise Monot, Jaina Lee Ortiz, Brynn Bowie, Madison Bowie, Giovanni Lopes, Fred Cross, Stacey Rand, Greg Collins, Don Harvey, Rolando Boyce, Dove Meir, J.R. Cruz
Summary: Eight strangers are thrown together by mysterious forces and must help each other survive in a violent world that defies explanation.
Snap judgement: It's a post-apocalytic drama/mystery that feels a lot like LOST. It's got a diverse (and hot male) cast and big name creator. Unfortunately, pilots for these sort of shows can be misleading, and it's too easy for a show like this to go off the rails.

Series: Bosch
Creators: Eric Overmyer (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Treme, Homicide, Law & Order) and Michael Connelly. Henrik Bastin of Fabrik Entertainment (“The Killing”) produced and Jim McKay directed the pilot.
Cast: Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Lance Reddick, Amy Aquino, Amy Price-Francis, Annie Wersching, Scott Wilson, Alan Rosenberg, Valerie Cruz, Abraham Benrubi, Jamie McShane, Eric Ladin, Scott Klace, Paul Vincent O'Connor, Troy Evans, Roberto Montesinos, Deji LaRay, DaJuan Johnson, Gregory Scott Cummins, Michelle N. Carter
Summary: Based on Michael Connelly's best-selling book series, Bosch (Titus Welliver), an LAPD homicide detective works to solve the murder of a 13-year-old boy while standing trial in federal court for the murder of a serial killer.
Snap judgement: This looks good, and I'm partial to a good adaptation of this mystery series. Internet TV has been short on detective shows, so I want to see more of this show.

Series: The Rebels
Creators: Jeremy Garelick (The Break-Up and The Wedding Ringer)
Cast: Natalie Zea, Hayes MacArthur, Josh Peck, Affion Crockett, Billy Dee Williams, Aidan Potter, Derick Neikirk, Brian White, Kurt Fuller, James Le Feurve, Nichole Weber, James Grace, Stephanie Corneliussen, Mike Hagerty, Ignacio Serricchio, Marc Evan Jackson, Michael Auteri
Alternate viewing link : http://jannajives.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-rebels-s01e01-pilot-webrip-xvid-fum.html#more
Summary: Julie (Natalie Zea) is in over her head when her husband suddenly dies leaving her as sole owner of The LA Rebels, a pro-football team. It's a comedy.
Snap judgement: So awful and cliched. Just no. Worst of the bunch! I'd rather watch the new Star Wars Rebels cartoon.

Series: Mozart in the Jungle
Creators: Created by Paul Weitz (About A Boy), Roman Coppola (The Darjeeling Limited), Jason Schwartzman (Moonrise Kingdom) and Alex Timbers (Peter and the Starcatcher). so hipster. much whatever. where's Wes Anderson?
Cast: Gael Garcia Bernal, Malcolm McDowell, Bernadette Peters, Lola Kirke, Constantine Maroulis, Jennifer Kim, Peter Vack, Bob Dishy, Joshua Bell (cameo as himself), Hannah Dunne, Raymond McAnally
Summary: Sex, drugs--and classical music--what happens behind the curtains at the symphony can be just as captivating as what happens on stage. Based on the book Mozart in the Jungle by Blair Tindall.
Snap judgement: Easily the most star-studded cast in the bunch. I mean, Gael Garcia Bernal is hot despite that awful wig. The writing however is forced in some spots, and the effects look cheap. I want to like this comedy, and it might be an uphill battle but I'm rooting for it.

Series: Transparent
Creators: Jill Soloway (Six Feet Under, United States of Tara) wrote and directed the pilot.
Cast: Jeffrey Tambor, Gaby Hoffmann, Amy Landecker, Rob Huebel, Judith Light, Henry Simmons, Jay Duplass, Lawrence Pressman, Sawyer Ever, Alison Sudol, Abby Ryder Fortson, Brett Paesel, Juana Samayoa, Zackary Drucker, Clementine Greevy, Melissa Stephens
Summary: An LA family with serious boundary issues have their past and future unravel when a dramatic admission causes everyone's secrets to spill out. A dark comedy about the dad (Jeffrey Tambor) transitioning to female.
Snap judgement: Haven't got around to watching it, but it has Judith Light, so I will watch. It's been called the best of the adult pilots. I guess the gender diversity makes up for the lack of racial diversity, but another cis actor playing a transgendered character makes me wary.

Kids' Shows

Series: The Jo B. & G. Raff Show
Creator: Emmy Award-winner Josh Selig (Sesame Street, The Wonder Pets)
Cast : voices by Audrey Arbeeny, Vanessa Jones
Summary: An animated show for pre-schoolers about friendship. Every episodes starts with G. Raff going missing and Jo B. has to find G. Raff.
Snap judgement: Cute but I don't really care much about it. It's just another show for preschoolers. I mean, I wouldn't vote for it, but how can you vote against it?

Series: Wishenpoof!
Creators: Angela Santomero (Blue's Clues, Super Why!, Creative Galaxy)
Cast: voices by Addison Holley, Allison Augustin, Scott McCord, Alyson Court
Summary: Bianca has "wish magic", the power to make wishes come true.
Snap judgement: It's too much like Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First. I'm not too fond of gendered kids cartoons either.

Series: Hardboiled Eggheads
Creators: Duane Capizzi (Superman/Doomsday, Men in Black: The Series, Transformers Prime)
Cast: voices by Jessica DiCicco, Tara Strong, Nika Futterman, John DiMaggio, Kari Wahlgren, Maile Flanagan
Summary: Miles and Kelvin are two brainiacs who to correct the mistakes of science by battling monsters born of toxic waste, martians lured to Earth, or even killer vegetables.
Snap judgement: Easily my least favorite of the kids pilots despite the strong roster of voice actors. Gendered in the opposite way with junior STEM-holes. Seriously, only the boys do science and they're white and Asian? GTFO.

Series: Gortimer Gibbon's Life On Normal Street
Creators: David Anaxagoras (first-time writer and producer)
Cast: Sloane Morgan Siegel, Drew Justice, Ashley Boettcher, Logan Shroyer, Robyn Lively, Fionnula Flanagan
Summary: "Life is anything but normal for Gortimer and his two best friends, Ranger and Mel, as they navigate Normal Street - an ordinary suburb that has a hint of something magical just beneath the surface."
Snap judgement: NEGL, I'm a sucker for live action kids shows that celebrate the weird and quirky in everyday life (Adventures or Pete & Pete and Eerie, Indiana), so I like this show. It has potential.

Series: Maker Shack Agency
Creators: Evan Bregman (Massholes, K-Town) and Electus Studios (The Hero, Killer Women, and Get Out Alive)
Cast: Kalama Epstein, Gregory E. Freeman, Gianna LePera, Craig Cackowski, Brian Baumgartner, and a ton of kids
Summary: No invention is out of reach for makers Wolfie, Jo and Merle, as they create gadgets to help other kids out at their school in Akron, Ohio. "The production crew will team up with research and development company, Applied Minds, and their scientists, engineers and programmers to design exciting gadgets that will be featured in the show to inspire a new generation of inventors."src
Snap judgement: Best of the kids pilots. Lots of diversity, STEM science that is realistic, and humor.

Sources: Alpha House and Amazon first wave, Indiewire reviews, Wired reviews, trailers, and some images, IMDB for cast and producer info, Amazon Studios for YouTube video and Amazon for everything else. Some images and trailer are from other sources and will be provided if asked.
Tags: cartoon / children's show, pilot / in development, television

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