Fashion Hits a New Low

‘Appalling’: Designers promote what stars wore to Hoffman services

Top designers are pouncing on the celebrity bonanza surrounding Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death by sending out photos of stars wearing their brands while paying their respects to the legendary actor.

Valentino emailed fashion bloggers and journalists on Friday morning photos of Hoffman’s “The Master” co-star Amy Adams wearing their Garavani Rockstud Duble bag on her way to the memorial service.

“We are pleased to announce Amy Adams carrying the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Duble bag from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection on February 6th in New York,” the release stated. It included street shots of the actress sporting their bag.

“Just got a press release naming the handbag Amy Adams was carrying while in NYC for PSH’s funeral. #tasteless #ew,” USA today writer Donna Freydkin tweeted.

Amy Adams’ rep called it “truly appalling.”

“Amy Adams is not a paid spokesperson for Valentino and the suggestion she would use this moment to participate in a promotion is truly appalling.”

Other designers sent swag to celebrities in the hopes that they’ll wear their products at the funeral or memorial service.

Ugg Australia gifted friends of Hoffman who they assumed would visit New York City for the funeral. They included a message encouraging them to wear their winter boots in the cold city weather, according to Ugg Australia associates.

“They did gifting in the hopes that that would happen,” an Ugg associate told The Post.

“Since they knew a ton of celebs were in New York City and the weather sucks.”

“UGG Australia has received a number of requests this week. This happens every year during both New York Fashion Week and winter storms–both of which occurred this week–and we did our best to accommodate as we were able,” Ugg spokesperson Kristen Scaravaglione told The Post.

“UGG does not know nor would we presume to ask what our consumers or fans are doing in New York, or for what event or purpose they need the product. That is none of our business. UGG does not request photo opps from those to whom we gift product.”

Valentino rep Mona Swanson told The Post in a statement, “We were not aware the photograph was taken while she was attending the wake of Philip Seymour Hoffman. It was an innocent mistake and we apologize to Ms. Adams who was not aware, or a part of, our PR efforts.”