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Gettin' Frisky with Justin!

A new video of Justin Bieber has emerged, showing him being patted down at the police station after being arrested in Miami Beach, Florida on January 23rd. It shows him walking into the booking area of the jail, removing his oversized hoodie, and "assuming the position" while barefooted. He appears to be cooperative during this time.

In the CNN video, Miami Beach Police Chief, Ray Martinez, said he was "extremely confident" his arresting officers followed procedure "by the book," despite receiving criticism for Justin Bieber's low blood-alcohol content reading.

ADD: Since I couldn't get the CNN post to embed properly, I found the full 3 minute video (no sound) at a different source.

Where's the video of him spreading his cheeks and coughing though?

THIS IS CNN - For awful/hilarious video commentary

Second source with no audio

Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, canadian celebrities, drugs / alcohol, justin bieber, legal / lawsuit, scandal

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