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Vampire Academy is a smart, sexy movie worth the hype (spoiler free) + pics from the premiere!

Vampire Academy is a smart, sexy, funny movie that will not only please fans of the books but appeal to a much broader audience.

source via Hypable

Vampire Academy definitely stays close to the source material but doesn’t take itself too seriously which is something many adaptations seem to do. Readers will be pleased with the familiar dialogue and characters that seem to pop off the page. There are also added moments to help those who haven’t read the books understand the world of the Vampire Academy. They are not heavy handed in their delivery and add a new layer to the story.

The story telling done by Mark Waters as a director (Mean Girls, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Freaky Friday, Just Like Heaven) and Daniel Waters's screenplay (Batman Returns, Heathers, Demolition Man)brings the world of the Vampire Academy alive. No detail is overlooked and every effort is made to translate a three-hundred-plus page novel into an hour and a half film. As with all good writing, the story is shown through varied layers each one revealing a little more about the inner workings of the academy. Dhampir, moroi, and strigoi are separately introduced in an interesting way that allows everyone to understand the dynamics of the world from the beginning of the story.

Zoey Deutch embodies Rose Hathaway to perfection. Much of the film rides on Deutch being able to be a loveable smart-ass that has a vulnerable side, and she manages it with ease. Deutch is fantastic in a role that could have easily been overdone but she finds a balance that makes Rose real and likeable. Her chemistry with Danila Kozlovsky brings the Rose and Dimitri dynamic to life. Kozlovsky is both Zoey Deutcha romantic lead and action star. You believe he is Dimitri, a god-like Dhampir. Many readers were concerned that there could never be a real Dimitri but Kozlovsky definitely sets out to prove them wrong.

Overall the Vampire Academy delivers in a way that many people won’t expect from the trailers that have been shown. It captures the spirit of Mean Girls with the bonus of action scenes and fangs. Vampire Academy is a rare adaptation that both sticks to the source material and tells a story everyone can enjoy. It has the potential of being the next big YA franchise, but the question is: will the fandom show up?

Grade: A-
Rated: PG-13 (for violent bloddy images, sexual content and language)

and another review in which he admitted he was wrong

Some cute videos from the premiere day
via CelebrityChaos.tv
via theskyinwinter
via PopCandiestv

with director and screenplay writer Daniel Waters and Mark Waters:

from Zoey Deutch's instagram (starring Avan Jogia)

from Cameron Monaghan's instagram

This film wasn't screened to film critics so fans keep searching link to reviews in Twitter search or google alert. So far from the reviews i've read this film is getting mixed reviews. Either they hate it or they love it. But I personally will watch in it the theater tomorrow or next weekend cause I read the VA series and Bloodlines series. We heard that if on Feb 7th (US) they reach required number of viewers, they'll inform us whether they'll produce the sequel or not by Monday. The sequel is really wanted by fans of the series because it will introduce us into another important and the most wanted character "Adrian Ivashkov". So, will you see this in the theaters ontd-ers?

+Sources 1 & 2 for the pics aside from Instagram pictures
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