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ONTD Boyfriend Post: Who Cares About Sochi Edition

Chris Evans will play Steve Rogers/Captain America for a third time (not counting his cameo in Thor: The Dark World) in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and a fourth time in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. But for all of the character's goodie-two-shoes personality, the actor wants him to do something different in Joss Whedon's next superhero sequel.

"This might sound crazy, but...be wrong," Evans told SFX Magazine. "Make a mistake. He's so concerned with being right. Even the struggle in this one, it's about how to be right. His biggest struggle is just being the best he can be, and if he doesn't achieve that, he really beats himself up. His moral compass is so sound, you rarely see him make a mistake. It's everyone around him dropping the ball. So it would be nice to see a little bit of human error or a human flaw, just immaturity or foolishness, an ego, something."

Matt Bomer flashes his sexy smile while heading into LAX Airport to catch a flight out of town on Thursday afternoon (February 6) in Los Angeles.

Nick Wechsler goes shirtless sexy for a feature in Da Man magazine’s February/March 2014 issue, out on newsstands now!

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