Marilyn Manson's Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carrol FINALLY starts filming

Wow, I can’t even believe I’m reporting this but, after several long years, Marilyn Manson‘s long gestured Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll is actually filming!

While there are no other casting details at this time, Manson himself tweeted that he will be playing Lewis Carroll in the film based on his own screenplay.

Lily Cole, Tilda Swinton and Evan Rachel Wood were all once attached. Anthony Silva co-wrote the screenplay.

“Victorian England.

A haunted writer in an isolated castle is tormented by sleepless nights and visions of a girl named Alice. He finds himself becoming a symptom of his own invention.

“Now all my nightmares know my name.”

He is Lewis Carroll. Terrified of what waits for him each night."

hmmmmmm this will probably be a mess. He's been talking about it since, like, 2004.