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Which ‘Real World’ Housemate Looked The Most Shocked By The Exes’ Invasion?

by Matthew Scott Donnelly

Thought Taylor Swift‘s surprised face was pronounced? Clearly you missed last week’s “Real World: Ex-Plosion” episode, in which the show’s cast members came home from a day trip to find out their exes (minus Jamie‘s) had moved in. The six housemates tried their best to be cordial, but amid hugs and how-are-yous, there was no way they could hide their looks of utter shock. And you know what? We can’t say we blame them. Well played, producers!

From Jenny‘s lowered jaw to Arielle‘s fit of maniacal laughter at the prospect of the drama to come, each of the cast members had an evident reaction to the bomb dropped on their San Francisco pad. Relive all of the reunion magic in GIFs, tell us who looked the most confused and be sure to see how the exes’ invasion pans out on tonight’s new “Real World: Ex-Plosion”!

Jenny’s jaw practically hit the floor upon seeing Brian.

Though Jamie’s ex, Cameron, didn’t make it, she was shocked all the same.

Thomas was noticeably uncomfortable at the sight of his ex, Hailey.

Jay‘s on good terms with his ex, but he was still sweating her surprise.

Can someone get Cory a paper bag and run him through breathing techniques?

Arielle, who was thrilled to see Ashley, finds all the new tension laughable.


or more like which cast member was the best actor/actress?

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